How A Mother Should Take Care Of Her Baby?

Becoming a mother is the most precious gift given by god. No mother can explain exactly in words what a great feeling it is to be a mother. But with motherhood, come a lot of questions. How should I take care of my baby?s health? How should I make him sleep? How would I come to know if he is hungry or sleepy? How can I give him utmost comfort? Has my baby eaten enough? Should I wake up my baby for a feed? Shall I take him out for a walk? The list of these questions is infinite for a new mother. There are a lot of things that needs to be taken care of for a new born baby.

You can consult a paediatrician or your granny or some older lady to give you knowledge about how to take care of your baby from their experience and awareness. You need to take care of different things at different stages in the growth cycle of the baby. For a new born baby, you must take care of the feeding habits. A newly born baby is dependent on the mother for feed. The initial colostrum produced by the mother is high in antibiotics and is considered a must for the baby. Mother?s milk is preferred over bottle feed by many people.

There are no set timings for the feed. Many believe that the baby must be fed when he/she demand for it. However, it is a widely accepted fact that a new born baby requires small feeds at frequent intervals. Sleeping habits of the new born is another area of concern for the mothers. Recovering from the pain caused in the delivery of the baby and then spending continuous sleepless nights to feed the baby is easier said than done. Being a mother of a new born, you must make sure that there is help and support available for you in the form of husband, parents, friends, relatives or a maid. Since the baby requires frequent feeds, waking up from sleep after every few hours is a regular practice.

The mother should also take short naps in between so that the health is not affected adversely due to restlessness. Interacting and playing with the new born is another important area where constant efforts are required. It may seem on the face of it that the new born is not responding to your rhymes, talks, singing, etc. However, it is not true. The baby tries to communicate and respond by making noises, crying, smiling, etc. Playing and interacting with the baby is necessary as the baby feels secure and tries to grasp and learn new things by this. If the baby is showing signs of irritation and is making some unusual sounds, you must immediately consult a doctor. As the baby might be suffering from some illness. Baby hygiene is also to be considered as one of the most crucial area. You must use clean and fresh clothes for the baby and also keep the surroundings clean. Make sure not to touch the baby with unhygienic or dirty hands.

You must also take care while lifting the baby, nursing him, playing with the baby, waking him up, making him sleep, walking with him, cleaning him, changing diapers, etc. The baby should feel comfortable. Massaging and exercising the baby is also very important. Make sure that you take expert opinion or hire someone who is expert in this job. You must also choose the baby products like baby oil, baby powder, baby shampoo, baby soap, baby toys, baby clothes, baby bed, etc. after thorough research.

As the baby grows and starts walking and exploring new things, you must also make your home safe for the babies. There should be no open electrical wires and uncovered sockets. Inflammable substances and sprays should be kept at a place where the baby cannot reach. Floor and toys shall be disinfected every day. Since the baby will try to go to every new place in the house and outside, you must make sure that someone is available to watch the baby at all times. You can hire a baby sitter if you are not available for some reason. Once the baby attains that stage where he starts eating solid food, you must make sure that you include food that is high in nutrients like banana, peas, lentils, fruits, green vegetables, cheese, shredded chicken, etc. You must also try to teach him various good things and encourage him for what he does well. This can be really helpful in inducing confidence in the baby at an early age. It is rightly said that the love and care towards your baby makes every mother a fast learner and experience teaches everything.

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