How To Obtain A Car Driving License?


A driver?s license is a document such that it is a form of certificate which states that the holder of the driver?s license is qualified enough to drive a car or any other vehicle in the same category. The driver?s license is issued to the holders under the Indian Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. It is absolutely compulsory for an individual to possess a driving license with him in order to drive on the roads of India. It is however to be noted that the possession of a driver?s license entitle the driver in India to drive a vehicle under that category only. It is possible to drive in India if you have driving license from any state within India as well as you hold an international driver?s license. But it is the responsibility of every Indian citizen in order to drive carefully by following the instructions since it is a very risky business in order to drive a car. The road accidents, and that too a very fatal ones are on the increase in India day after day. You need to make the driving as a relatively safe affair. You need to obtain a driving license in order to drive a car in India and that forms the very first step to drive in India on a legal basis. In the guide to follow, we shall see all the aspects as to how to obtain a driver?s license in India.

Forms to be filled

In order to drive in India and get a driving license thereof, you need to submit the following documents:

1. Medical certificate which states that you are safe and sound enough on medical grounds in order to drive a vehicle. The medical certificate needs to be attested by a registered medical practitioner.

2. Application form of the driving license which states your details like name, address, age proof etc.

3. You also need to fill out a duplicate form of the application to get a driving license.

Other documents in support

Apart from the forms to be filled you need the following documents which support your application:

1. Proof of age like passport/ birth certificate/ certificate of school which states the year of passing the std. 10th examination.

2. Proof of where you stay like the ration card/ passport/ ID for election in India/ Telephone/ Electricity Bill etc.

3. Photographs of the passport size which needs to be attached to the various forms to be filled as well the photographs should be self-attested.

Tests for learner?s license

In addition to the application process, you need to pass the examination for obtaining the driver?s license. For e.g. you need to pass the oral examination on the rules and regulations that are applicable to drive a vehicle on road. Once you pass the oral exam of the license taken by an official from the regional transport office (RTO), you can obtain a learner?s license which is such that you can now practically drive on the roads with the help of a ?learner?s plate? stuck on your car which is clearly visible.

The ?L? sign

The ?L? sign should be painted on both the front as well as the back of the vehicle that you are driving. There is one more condition to be followed. The learner?s license comes along with the registration number of the car and hence it legally allows you to drive only the car which you have applied to take the license for. Besides that, you need to drive under the supervision of someone who is already in possession of his driver?s license, and you cannot drive alone.

Driving tests

The very next step towards the driving is to obtain a driver?s license on a permanent basis. At this time, the applicant of the driver?s license must bring along with him the type and the category of the vehicle for which he has applied the driver?s license for. Then, the applicant actually needs to take the driving test by making an official at the Regional Transport Office sit beside him. The expert of the RTO office in driving is the final arbiter in the matter of obtaining driver?s license. When you pass the test for driving, then your application form will be stamped as ?Test Passed? and then taken into consideration for the permanent driver?s license. This will be taken care of by the authority or the body which is charge of issuing the driver?s license. The applicant himself needs to be present in order to get a laminated driving license so that the concerned authority can take a photograph of him to be laminated on the electronic card version of the driver?s license.

Thus, in this guide, we have seen as to how to obtain a driving license.

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