What Everything To Sell In Auto Parts Business?


When you have an automobile, it is highly likely that one of the parts gets damages and you have to repair it and in the worst case replace it. Automotive parts form a range to choose from right from the cheapest, which are mostly the second hand as well as the premium parts which cost a lot. The auto spare parts can be bought from an authorized dealer or else, it can be also bought from a garage or a dealer who deals in the business of selling the auto parts. In the guide to follow, we are going to discuss about the various auto parts that are to be sold by a business.

Hood or the cover

The hood is the auto part which is also called as the bonnet. It is a form of cover which is hinged. It is used in order to cover the engine from the exposure to the sunlight, dust and human contact. In the vehicles that are built in the modern world, the use of the hood is not more prominent that is used in the old vehicles. The head covering is not the prime use of the bonnets that are used in the world of today.


The sunroof that is built for the automotive purpose is a one which is fixed and also sometimes operable opening in the form of the roof for the automobile vehicle. The use of the automobile sunroof is to make the light to allow inside the vehicle in order to allow for the fresh air to enter the compartment which is designed for the vehicle. The sunroof built in the modern vehicles slide in order to make room for the sunlight inside.

Ignition coil

An ignition coil is also called as the spark coil. It is an induction coil. It makes an important part of the automobile ignition system. It is there to transform the voltage of the battery to convert it into the thousands of volts needed in order to spark the spark plugs. This is the part which needs replacement frequently because it gets damaged due to deposition of carbon on it.


A starter is used in order to start the internal combustion engine. It is a coil which is able to sustain some high amount of torque. It is used in order to turn on the gear system in the engine flywheel system.


The bumper of the automobile is the part which is present in the front most. It is also present in the rear most. It is designed in order that the car should sustain the impact in an accident or crash without any damage incurred to the vehicle. Unfortunately, the bumpers are not designed such that they can reduce the injury to the occupants of the vehicle. It is designed in order to mitigate any form of injuries sustained to the pedestrians in case of a car accident.


A cowling is used in order to cover the engines. It is most common to the automobiles as well as the aircrafts.

Quarter panel

In case of the automobile the use of the quarter panel is such that it covers the section of the vehicle in between the rear door as well as the trunk of the car. It is made primarily of the sheet made up of the metal. It is also sometimes made of the fiberglass. It is the part which occupies position such that it encapsulates the wheels well. Damage to this part does not cause any of the damage incurred to the frame of the care. Hence this is the part which can be replaced in a vehicle by not causing any damage to the safety of the vehicle.


It is one of the aerodynamic devices of the automobile. The design of the spoiler is such that it is intended spoil the movement of the air which is unintended. It takes place when the vehicle is in motion. They are also called as the air dams. They are present mostly on the front of the vehicle. They not only direct the proper flow of air but also reduce the amount of air flowing below the automobile on which it is fixed. This is helped in the reduction of the aerodynamic lift of the vehicle. They are mostly fixed for the vehicles which are used for sports utilities. Some of the spoilers are present just to enhance the looks of the vehicle.


An alternator converts the mechanical energy into the electrical energy. It is done in the form of alternating current.

Thus, in this guide, we have seen the various parts for auto that needs to be sold in an auto parts business.

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