How To Maintain A Car Properly?


India is a country where there is a rapid growth of the population as well as the working sector in India. Obviously, there is a lot of emerging of the working professionals in India. Hence the demand of the car in the market provided by the automobile category of India is huge owing to the convenience that everyone wants to avail themselves of in the process of driving and the buying of the car for themselves and their families. In India today, it has become quite necessary to buy a car which was considered as a luxury in the years of the past. It is generally seen that to buy a car, it not a very difficult task. But the most difficult task comes then you need to find various ways in order to maintain the car. People generally tend to lose interest in maintaining their cars as well as find it very difficult in order to make a schedule for the maintenance of their cars. In the guide to follow, we are going to have a look at the different ways in which you can maintain a car in good condition properly.

Service book schedule

In the maintenance of your car, it is very much necessary that you follow a schedule regarding the following of a service book for your car. The service books needs to be checked out when a new car is bought from a dealership. Then you need to follow the service book very religiously and you need to leave the car for servicing purposes as and when you can send it for servicing when it approaches the date in order to service. The different car models have different servicing requirements. The car service schedule states that you need to check the car in for servicing such that it is there every three or four months. It is very much necessary that you follow the instructions on the service schedule of the car very religiously. There are servicing requirements set up for the car based upon the driving of the car for a certain number of kilometers. You need to keep a wise check on the number of kilometers that are driven by you also to ensure that the servicing requirements are met and are catered for in the correct sense.

Regular check to be made on the tire and the fluid pressures

It is not at all difficult to get a regular checkup of the pressure in the tires as well as the check of the various oils for ensuring the smooth running of the engines as well as the lubricants that go inside the vehicle like grease, oils, etc. But it is seen that the checks are easy to be done. As a matter of fact, it takes only 10 minutes in order to make a complete checkup of the various conditions that are related to the tire pressure and the various fluids. These are the set of procedures that you need to follow once the engine is cool enough to make these kinds of checking. Use pressure gauge to check tire pressure in cars. Regularly, all this should be done once in every week or at least in a matter of 10 days.

Easy start of the vehicle

It is seen that many of the people have problems in starting their cars. You need to follow certain steps such that it does not create a problem right from starting of the car. The cold engine, which is left off unturned on for more than the times like five years, for them, there is no oil that is left in the engine. Once it is started, you can ensure the smooth flow of oil in all the required parts of the car such that you can see for yourself the lubrication being applied inside the parts of the car well. Hence leave the car on for like 30 minutes once you have started it before you change the gears and start driving it.

Use high grade fuel

You need to make a use of the fuel which is of a very high grade in order to ensure that there is a smooth running of your car because of the use of that fuel. Highest quality fuel is a small invest which is to be made which gives great returns for your car when it comes to various performance aspects of your car. This will also ensure long term life of the engines.

Fuel economy

Fuel economy is the one which drives the automobile industry according to the various standards. It is necessary to reduce speed for every 10 miles and then gear up to a higher speed if you want to keep your car in good condition.

Thus in this guide, we have seen as to how to maintain a car properly.

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