How To Export And Import Cars?


India has an economy that is growing in the world with a very high pace. In an economy like that of India, where there is a lot of service class people working towards the betterment of economy, there is a good scope of import and export of cars business. In India, being the second largest market for the selling of cars, there are lot dealers in the market offering different deals on the cars for the needs of the customers. In such a country, even if every individual household does not have a car, there is still a market to cater for over tens of millions of customers for models of cars. In such a market it is very feasible that you are going to achieve success in your business of export and import of cars. In the guide to follow, we are going to discuss the various aspects of export and import of cars.

Permission from the consulate

If there is a requirement of a particular model of a car in your own country then you might be interested in selling the car in your own country owing to the demand that it has. In that case, you might be interested in the business of importing the cars to cater the demands of your country. In that case, you can always browse that consulate?s website to check for some of the models of the car offered by that particular exporter.

Tax requirements

You need to contact the taxation department of your country. There might be some of the laws pertaining to the taxation that are to be followed strictly. You need to obtain the registration numbers for import export business of cars.

Licensing requirements

Every business that is started in a country, has some or the other requirements pertaining to the licensing terms and conditions. Find out about the requirements of licenses that are addressed in your own country. You might need a license since market for the various models of cars is in demand.

Trade constraints

You might not want to go against the laws while you run your import export business of various models of the cars. Your next duty is to contact the other country where you are dealing so as to find out if there are any restrictions that are applicable in the trade laws and smooth flow of goods to and from your own country. In some countries, there are some of the barriers of trade that operate in order to enforce restrictions on the import and export of various goods to and from other countries. These are generally termed as embargoes. There is an embargo against some countries of this world for most of the countries. You need to contact the government bodies in your as well as the other countries regarding the information that you need regarding the restriction of export and import of cars to and from some countries. You might also not want to mess up against the laws that are pertaining to trade of those countries.

Promotions of import export business of cars

Many countries have set up offices which promote in the export of the cars to the other countries which are produced in their own countries. These offices are termed as consulates and embassies. This can be appropriate for sourcing of your export of cars and their related accessories. The consulate will supply you with the directories which list a various number of importers? businesses that are interested in acquiring the cars and their spare parts that you have to offer. Moreover, you are provided with a lot of convenience sine the websites of these embassies are it containing the contact details of the businesses in various industries.

Authorized dealers

You need to be in touch with any of the distributors in order to check what model of a car is in demand in the market, if the prices of some models of cars are falling low at a particular instant, like during a specific season/ festival, what is the newly launched car model in the world from a particular car manufacturing company etc. You need to develop contact with the authorized dealers of the various companies that provide the market with the various models of cars.


The type of business which is small scale tries to do all the paperwork itself without seeking help from a broker often encounters problems in getting their goods across the borders. Here, we are talking about cars in specific. You need to use brokers who have contact in different countries. You need the brokers to clear your goods at the customs of other countries. This is because the customs departments of the various countries pose a real problem to the import export business related to the cars. A help from customs broker is a good way to clear customs for a small fee which is worth to be paid rather than facing customs issues.

Thus we have seen as to how to export and import cars.

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