An Overview On International Car Brands


There is a huge demand for the cars in the market on an international level. The manufacturers of the cars internationally are constantly in a race to compete with each other with respect to design, performance, luxury, value for money as well as many other aspects of car qualities that a buyer can ever look out for. In the guide to follow, we shall discuss the various aspects of the brands of cars on an international level.

Mercedez Benz

It is a German company and manufacturer of cars, buses, and also the trucks. It created one of the very first few cars which were powered by the petrol. The company marketed its first ever vehicle in the form of a car in the year 1901. The vehicles that were produced under the brand name Mercedez Benz are the ones produced since 1926. The company Mercedez Benz is accredited in the international market of cars to bring about the various innovations in the field of technology, luxury as well as safety for the cars which have been then adopted by the various other car manufacturers.


Audi is also the German manufacturer of the cars. It manufacturers almost all sizes of cars. The various types of cars that are manufactured by Audi range from the supermini to the SUVs. There are various styles in the body that are to be looked out for in the Audi brand. The company is present almost throughout the world, but it is headquartered in Germany itself. The company was established in the year 1899.


Lexus is not the name of the company in itself, but it is the name of the luxury division of the Japanese car manufacturer called as the Toyota. The sales of the Lexus brand were first made in the United States, but now, it caters all the market globally. It has been the largest seller for the car maker in Japan. The headquarters of this brand are located in Tokyo, Japan. But there are many operational centers throughout the world. It is the most famous brand in the international market when it comes to the luxury of the occupants of the car. The Lexus is relatively new and its origin was caused from the sedan project. It started in 1983. The aim of Lexus brand is to expand in the global market and it has been quite successful in doing so. The majority of the market for the Lexus brand is catered by the United States.


The Ford Motor Company is an American company on a multinational basis operative all over the world. It was started by the owner Henry Ford in the year 1903. It owns small stake in various other car brands throughout the world. Ford was the company which was a pioneer in inventing the methods in order to produce the cars on the mass production basis. It also is the pioneer when it comes to the large scale management of the related workforce in the automobile industry. It is the company which ranks fourth largest in the world when it comes to the annual sales of its related vehicles sales. It is also the second largest manufacturer of the vehicles in the United States.


It is an Italian sports car manufacturer. It is based in Italy. It was founded in the year 1929. The company has the image in investing heavily when it comes to the sports cars and the sponsorship of the drivers related. Then it slowly and steadily moved into the mass production of the sports vehicles what were legalized to be used on the roads all over the world. The history is evident that the company is largely into the business of getting income from the races of various categories of engines participating in the races. In Formula One, the team Ferrari has a great success.


It is also an Italian car manufacturer based in a small region in Italy. The company was founded relatively late in the year 1963 but enjoys a worldwide reputation in the automobile industry. The company offers comfort, refinement as well as the power in all categories of its vehicles. It has the mid-engine for the high performance cars in its standard layout. Since its establishment, it has encountered very rapid growth in the car industry.


Porsche is a German manufacturer of the automotive vehicles of high performance vehicles along with the comfort offered through luxury in its vehicles. It is headquartered in Germany and has a majority share in the Volkswagen Group. The car is best known to offer luxury to its customers all over the world and highly acclaimed for the same.

Thus we have seen an overview of international car brands.

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