How To Do Offline Advertising Of Tour Operators Business?

Many people are travelling from one place to another for the purpose of expanding their business, spending their vacation, sightseeing, pilgrimage, etc. More and more people are demanding the services of tour operators to plan and organize their tours. The business of travel and tour operators is one of the highest growing businesses in most countries. The revenues and earnings in travel business are largely dependent upon how well you advertise your business and make an impression in the customers mind. Even if your packages and service quality is extremely good and affordable, but if people are not aware about it, it is of no use. There are various online and offline ways to promote your tour operators business. Many people have now switched to using online ways like directory listing, search engine optimization, email marketing, etc. to advertise their business. However the effectiveness of offline ways to advertise your business cannot be ruled out. If you want to do offline advertising of your tour operators business and you are not sure on how to do it, you can relax. This guide throws light on various ways of offline marketing in the business of tour operator.

Ways to do offline advertising of tour operators business

Providing quality service at affordable prices and building good customer relations is always the key to growth for any business including tour operators business as it spreads a positive word of mouth and gives you repeat customers and referrals. Below mentioned are some ways to do offline advertising of tour operators business:

? Door to door promotion: You can send your sales representative for a door to door visit with some leaflets and discount coupons for a limited period. This will create an impression at the back of people?s mind that can get back to you whenever they plan to travel somewhere.

? Distribute business cards: Distributing business card can help a lot in advertising your business. Many people have a habit of keeping the business cards in a holder and refer back to them in case of requirement. Thus you must try to distribute as many business cards as possible. You can distribute bunches of them to your friends and family and ask them to circulate in their respective friend circle to have a good reach. Also, you must keep in mind that your business card shall contain complete information of the services offered, contact details, destinations covered, etc.

? Offer a toll free number: Offering a toll free number is another effective way to advertise your tour operator business. People tend to call a toll free number even for a slightest clarification. Offering a toll free number can save a lot of time involved in cold calling and brings good number of potential queries of clients.

? Place an advertisement in newspapers: A newspaper advertisement can also generate good response of potential customers.

? Place an advertisement in a travel magazine: Placing an advertisement in a travel magazine is the perfect way to reach out to travel enthusiasts. Most of the people who read these magazines are your potential customers.

? Put up an advertisement on television: A television advertisement can also work wonders to your travel business. The reach of a television advertisement is vast and hence the chances of getting new customers are bright.

? Paste stickers on vehicles: You can also advertise your tour operator business by pasting stickers on vehicles used for business purpose or used by you, your relatives, friends, employees, etc. These stickers should be catchy enough to generate responses of potential customers.

? Flyers: Printing flyers and advertising through them can also prove to be very effective in generating business.

? Distribute brochures and leaflets: You can also distribute brochures and leaflets for advertising your business. Leaving them at the car windshields at an event or a parking lot can also help in advertising.

? Offer Magnetic advertisements: Distribute small magnetic advertisements to stick in the interiors of cards or on refrigerators and cabinets. This can also help in generating good responses.

? Distribute promotional products like pens, notepads, diaries, etc: You can also distribute diaries, pens, notepads, etc. with your business details printed on it to advertise your business. Distributing calendars with your business information when a new year is approaching is also a good way to advertise your tour operator business.

? Advertise in local events or travel related fairs: Advertising your tour operator business in local events and travel fairs can also be a good idea to generate responses.

? Advertise on radio: Placing an advertisement n radio can prove to be very fruitful because of the vast reach to people.

? Place advertisements on city maps: You can also book an advertisement space in city maps to attract those who use it.

There are various offline ways to advertise your tour operator business. However you must choose the right one considering various factors like budget, reach, impact, etc.

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