What Is The Job Of A Tour Operator?

What is the job of a tour operator?

Just the thought of going on a vacation brings happiness on the face of almost everyone. But this smile fades away when we think of the stress that comes along for planning and execution of a tour. But you can relax and fully enjoy your tour by utilizing the services of a tour operator who will take care of travel bookings, hotel bookings, sightseeing, etc. The job of a tour operator is to ease the burden of planning and organizing the trip for those who wish to travel from one destination to another. If you are looking for the tasks involved in the job of a tour operator, you have reached the right place.

Job of a tour operator

A tour operator is responsible of taking care of all the necessary activities in organizing a tour so that the overall trip of the client goes smooth and pleasant from the beginning till the end. A tour operator may travel to the trip location to experience the potential of the services offered and assess the potential. Below mentioned are some of the roles and responsibilities of a tour operator or a travel guide:

? Planning a tour: A tour operator plans each leg of the tour for their clients, taking care of the requirements of the clients like their place of interest, mode of transport preferred, period of stay, budget allocated, other activities to be performed at the location, etc. Each client has a different requirement with respect to travelling, stay, local tour, etc. The job of a tour operator is to provide customized services as per the requirements of each client.

? Arranging a tour: Once the tour operator has planned the tour according to the requirements of the client, it is the responsibility of the travel guide to arrange the tour as planned. A good tour operator shall make sure that the client does not face any snags in the tour and it goes as smoothly as possible. Providing quality service not only enhances the goodwill in the market, but also brings in more revenue in the form of repeat orders and referrals.

? Advice on sightseeing: A tour operator can also provide advice on sightseeing to the client as it adds to the revenue of the tour operator itself.

? Travel management: Travel management is also the job of a tour operator. A good travel guide makes sure that the travel of the client is managed effectively so that the client is satisfied with the smooth tour services.

? Evaluate the options available: It is the job of the tour operator to identify and evaluate various options available for travelling, accommodation, etc. He/she must identify new hotels, motels, tourist spots, etc to offer better services to the clients. If required, the travel operator might visit the location and access whether the services offered are worth the money they charge or not. A tour operator gives bulk orders and earns a margin by distributing the bulk into small chunks. For example, they may tie up with a hotel chain at lower prices by offering them repeat customers. This will be a win - win situation for both the hotel chain and the tour operator as both the parties will be earning through this deal.

? Promotion: Promotion of the services offered by a tour operator is another important aspect of the responsibilities of the tour operator. No tour operator will be successful in generating returns unless the potential customers are made aware of the services offered. It is in the interest of the tour operator to promote the services offered. Promotion can be done through creation of a website, listing on online directories, placing an advertisement on online sites, distributing brochures, placing an advertisement in newspapers or magazines, etc.

? Sales and marketing: The tour operator is responsible for convincing the client that they are offering the best deals in the industry at affordable prices. Not only this, they are involved in the enhancement of business through repeats and referrals by providing quality service as committed to the clients.

? Taking care of a glitch: The first job of a tour operator is to avoid any glitches in the services offered. However if because of certain unavoidable circumstances, any of the client faces a difficult situation, the job of a tour operator is to handle the situation in such a manner that the goodwill of the services offered is maintained. The tour operator should tactfully handle the situation so that no wrong vibes about the services are spread.

A tour operator shall be good at communication and convincing to be able to do his/her job effectively. Apart from providing quality services, it will be in the interest of the tour operator to take regular feedbacks from the customers and take necessary actions if the services are not offered as per expectations of the customers.

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