Top American Sellers Of Wedding Rings

Wedding ring is one of the most precious symbols of love and commitment for the wedding day. Exchanging wedding rings on this special occasion is a wonderful feeling and cannot be replicated by anything else. The custom of exchanging wedding rings and marking the moment of being husband and wife has been practiced for long in America. While buying a wedding ring, in today?s world there are a lot of options available for you when you look out for a wedding ring irrespective of your budget and location. There are a lot of companies in America which sell a variety of wedding rings to choose from.

Oromi Inc. is one of the top American sellers of wedding rings. This company with its office in North Bergen, New Jersey, USA, is one of the top most manufacturers and suppliers of wedding rings and has been in this business since 1979. It offers a wide range of designs in 14k gold, 18k gold, platinum, silver, diamond and a combination. This company is known for its commitment towards quality and customer satisfaction. The product range is so vast that it can cater to a person who is looking for the most basic wedding ring to a person who is in search for the best and the most unique design of a wedding ring, which no one else has seen before. Oromi Inc. also sells customised wedding rings and is known for following its ethics and integrity. This company is also a member of Jewellers Board of Trade. Its online store has a variety of wedding rings to choose from, which are delivered in an appropriate span of time to your place once you place the order and mention the finger size. It is a preferred choice of many people across the world as ordering online for your wedding ring is safe with Oromi Inc. as the shipment is insured. Discounts and schemes are conveyed to the customers through newsletters and mails.

Zales Corporation is another established player in the America for selling wedding rings. It started in the year 1924 as a single store with the name Zales jewelers. But with time by offering quality products at affordable prices, it soon established six retail brands and over nineteen hundred stores in America. And this is not all this company also offers its products online for sale. Though Zale Corporation has experienced tough time when it filed for bankruptcy and restructured its debt, it has never lost control of its firm foot in the industry. It sells some of the finest wedding rings under various brands including ? Zales, Mappins, Gordon?s, etc. This company is famous mainly for its wide variety of diamond wedding rings. Satisfied customers are of the view that this company has always given amazing designs both contemporary and classic.

Bride and Groom?s West Inc. is also a famous American company selling wedding rings. It was established in the year 1983 and has been offering a wide variety of wedding rings since then. Its showroom located in Marlboro, New Jersey, USA, is believed to have the finest and largest collection of wedding rings throughout America. This company has an in house designing and manufacturing unit for wedding rings, which gives it a competitive edge over others in the line who only sell wedding rings manufactured by other companies. This company provides exquisite wedding rings at affordable prices. This company established a division named wedding ring hotline to expand the market. It has also acclaimed various awards and recognitions.

The American Jewellery Company is a good example of top wedding ring sellers of America. Established in the year 1898, this company has never looked back on the path of success. It recognises that today?s customer is very demanding and the best quality at affordable prices with individualised services. Thus it is working on these lines and has shown a growing trend of profits for years. The brand and the goodwill of this company is very well established in the country. Many of the orders are generated through referrals from satisfied customers. This company is a member of Jewellers of America and California Jewellers Association. The experience and accomplishments are the base of this company which is helping it to attain new heights.

Julia?s Jewelz, which is a division of MRD International, Inc., is another top rated American sellers of jewelry and wedding rings. Some of its high selling products include ? silver pear cut wedding ring, Solitaire wedding ring, silver Victorian estate wedding ring, triple heart wedding ring, infinity style wedding ring, snake cocktail wedding ring, butterfly wedding ring, eternity wedding ring, princess cut wedding ring, horse shoe wedding ring, three stone wedding ring, rhine stone wedding ring, etc. It offers its products for sale online with focus of quality and timely delivery.

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