What Are Wedding Favors And How To Sell Them?

Wedding favors are gifts given by the bride and groom to all the guests who attended their wedding as a token of thankfulness and gratitude towards them, for being present and showering their blessings to making their wedding a memorable event. Distributing wedding favors is a custom followed in many parts of the world since many years now. These days the bride and the groom has a large variety of wedding favors to choose from including ? sugar coated dry fruits, scented beautiful candles, scented soaps, picture frames, DVDs, chocolates, wall clocks, pen holder, etc. Many couples also distribute personalised wedding favours by adding their names, date of wedding or photograph.

The number of marriages taking place every year is increasing and showing an upward trend. With the increase in the number of marriages, the business of selling wedding favours is also booming. Since it is a lucrative business option, many people have entered into this line for reaping the benefits, giving rise to cut throat competition. Thus it is important to adopt techniques and tactics which are different and unique from the competitors to gain more orders and make more profit.

To sell wedding favors, you must concentrate on three things. One is attracting new customers, the other is convincing the customer and the last is satisfying the customers. If you attract new customers there are more chances of getting new orders. On the other hand if you are not able to convince them for any of the wedding favour available with you, you lose out the order. Also, if the customers are not satisfied with the products available, they will start exploiting other available options. Thus it is important to attract, convince and satisfy the customers.

How should you attract new customers? You can use both online and offline ways to promote your business. Some of the inexpensive online advertising methods include ? listing your business on free online directories under suitable headings; creating a website(web hosting will be needed); writing blogs, articles, etc. to enhance your internet presence; etc. You can also advertise using offline methods like ? distributing business cards, taking to people about your business wherever possible, advertising your business in wedding magazines, etc. You can also put a small sticker of your contact details on the wedding favors sold by you, so that they can be used as reference if any of the guests wants to order the same. Another effective way to attract new customers is by being associated with wedding planners. They can refer your business to your clients for a commission. You can also get associated with wedding caterers, wedding car providers, wedding decorators, wedding florists, etc. who can help refer your business to their clients in return of the same from you.

How should you convince the customers? No bride and groom will settle for something which they are not sure about. Every couple is in search for the perfect wedding favour and want something unique yet personalised and affordable. Thus the only way to convince the customers is by offering a wide variety and range of wedding favors to cater to the needs of varied clients. You must also keep the prices at competitive levels and also make a reasonable profit. It is suggested that you must offer customising the wedding favour if it is possible for you. For example a couple may like to buy the scented candles but they want it to match to their beach wedding theme and require gel candles in blue colour. If you can afford this, you must take the order and arrange for the customised colours. Also, you must have a portfolio of the orders that you have successfully completed and references of satisfied customers ready with you. This can help you a lot in convincing the customers. You must have an answer ready to the question that why should the customer buy wedding favours from you and not from someone else? The USP (Unique Selling Proposal) of your business will come into picture here.

How should you satisfy the customers? The customers will be satisfied if they get what they want. Thus you must offer quality products and also be punctual in delivering the order. Nothing worse can happen to your business of selling wedding favors than not being able to match up to the order delivery deadline. You must also make sure that the samples match the final order. There is nothing bad if you go an extra step in satisfying the customers as a happy and satisfied customer can do free marketing of your business and generate more orders for you. For example, a customer has placed an order for chocolates as wedding favors; you can improve the wrapping of the chocolates to enhance the satisfaction of the customer. It is also important to understand thoroughly the requirements of the client and act accordingly.

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