What Are The Qualities Of A Good Wedding DJ ?

A Disk Jockey or DJ is a person who entertains the crowd by playing music. Selecting a good Disk Jockey (DJ) for the wedding is easier said than done as a good DJ can add to the overall mood of the wedding by making people dance to the enjoyable music and but if you go wrong in your selection, everything can go for a toss. Are you confused about how should you go about in selecting a good DJ? What qualities you must look for in a wedding DJ?

First thing that you must look for is the level of knowledge of the DJ in his field. A good wedding DJ must have knowledge of different genres of music as it is an important asset for his profession. And it is not sufficient just to have knowledge of different genres of music, a good DJ must know how to combine and blend different types of music to create a fusion. He must be up to date with the latest hits and other dance numbers which people like. He must be proficient in choosing and playing the right kind of music that goes with the theme of the wedding and is in sync with the overall mood of the occasion.

Another important quality of a wedding DJ is his communication skills. He must be good at it as it is a part of his job to interact with the guests in a wedding and make announcements. He must be able to listen carefully and understand the demands of the guests and shall be prompt enough in playing the same. Another important thing that must be there in a good wedding DJ is his knowledge about the special occasion and the hosts. He must be prepared with the names of the bride and groom, names of important guests and family members, names of friends of the bride and groom, the schedule of events and other details to make announcements.

Punctuality is also an important trait that must be present in a good wedding DJ. A good wedding DJ must be punctual in arriving at the wedding venue and making the arrangements in time, before the arrival of the guests. Nothing worse can happen than the DJ fixing equipment and arranging things in front of the guests.

You must also check the DJ on his originality in playing music. He must be able to add something new and unexpected to the songs that make them sound better. If he can add something interesting to an existing song or piece of music and make it more enjoyable, it is good.

A good wedding DJ must be willing to dress according to your wedding theme. You would not want your wedding DJ to be dressed in totally different attire that is not at all in sync with your wedding party theme. He must be flexible enough to understand your requirements and act accordingly. He must have a good personality and is willing to get involved with the guests.

Due to the huge demand and good earnings prospects many people have entered into this line. If you start looking for a wedding DJ, you will come across many options. There is a lot of competition involved in the wedding DJ business with each one claiming to be better than the others on one parameter or the other. How should one judge whether the qualities exist in the DJ or not? There are various ways to hire a good wedding DJ by judging his qualities. You can visit some of the performances of the DJ and judge the above mentioned qualities there. You can also take references from friends and relatives who have utilised the services of wedding DJs in any of the weddings. Honest reviews on the internet are also a good option to judge the quality of services of a wedding DJ. You must also talk to the DJ about his collection of songs, equipment, technology used, number of weddings served, his most prominent strength, has he ever been in a difficult situation while performing, how has he dealt with it, etc. to get an idea about how well has he done so far. You must also check with him that he is using original music and not the pirated versions of the same.

Last but not definitely the least, a wedding DJ may have all the qualities that qualify him to be the best wedding DJ, but if he charges much more than what you can afford, he may not remain the best for you anymore. A good DJ must have competitive prices and convenient payment schedule. For you the one who fits in your budget and offers the best of the services shall be the final choice.

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