What You Learn In Wedding Planner Education Courses?

A wedding planner is a person or an organisation who takes complete responsibility of organising various things involved in planning a wedding. A lot of things needs to planned and arranged for a wedding ceremony like ? freezing the wedding location, floral decoration, arranging the wedding car, preparation for bride and groom, guest invitations, etc. Thus it is a stressful and time consuming task. Wedding planners relieve people from this stress and tension involved in arranging a wedding for a fee. The services of wedding planners are in huge demand by many people across the world. Thus to reap benefits of this booming sector, many people have entered into it and many are planning to enter the same. Not everyone can become a wedding planner. There is a need to polish the skills and arrange for links with supporting parties to do the same. A lot of universities and institutes have started specialised courses on education about wedding planning. Every year a lot of students who are enthusiastic about choosing wedding planning as their profession enrol in the same. But what do these courses teach? Are the learning?s really useful? Here is an answer to your questions.

Wedding planning education courses cannot make you a wedding planner. It can only help in polishing the skills that you have and encourage you towards this line if you have the willingness to do so. These courses are designed in such a way that you can enhance your learning about the industry and its expectations. Many courses also involve an on-site training under an established wedding planner to get a practical experience of various things. The course begins with an overview of the wedding planning industry, its relevance, statistics, growth path, trends, future prospects, etc. so that the students get a feel of what exactly they are into and what they can reap out of it. The course also gives an outline of what will be the role of the students as a wedding planner. This involves a detailed analysis of what is expected from the students as a wedding planner and how should they meet the expectations. This forms a base for the students to view them at a suitable position in the industry.

The wedding planning course also entails the details about how can one set up one?s own wedding planning business and the various costs involved in the same. For example ? office rental, business start-up cost, advertising cost, etc. Various case studies explain how the pricing model can be established so that a reasonable profit is achieved after recovering the costs incurred. The course involves detailed budgetary analysis, pricing methods, package formulation, proposal creation, etc.

One of the most important assets in the line of wedding planners is good relations with the vendors. Vendors are people or organisations which support the wedding planners at the back end like ? wedding florists, wedding decorators, wedding invitation card printers, wedding caterers, wedding car rental companies, etc. The wedding planning courses also devote a section towards explaining how to approach, interview, select, and negotiate with the vendors. The students are also explained the importance of entering into legal contracts and what precautions to take before signing the same. An overview of the contract laws applicable in the country also form a part of the course curriculum.

Convincing skills are required at each stage in this business. The wedding planning education courses have various exercises, presentations, mock pitches, etc. to nurture this particular skill. How should one approach a potential client? What things to explain? How to differentiate your services from the rest of the companies? How to identify your USPs (Unique Selling Proposals)? How to behave like an expert? How to negotiate the deal in your favour? How to manage relationship with client? How to overcome a difficult situation without losing your goodwill and the customer? How to build healthy relations will all? All these form a part of the course on wedding planning.

Another important skill is to understand the requirements of the client by entering into his/her shoes. The course also involves various case studies of people who have dealt with such situation where it was difficult to understand the requirements of the client and how did they overcome that. Understanding the requirements with respect to how they want the theme of the wedding, decoration, etc. is important as only a satisfied customer can spread a positive word of mouth.

Planning and organising destination weddings is also a booming subset of the wedding planning industry. Some courses also devote a session on explaining the role of the wedding planner in organising such weddings like beach weddings, resorts wedding, farm house weddings, etc. Various marketing techniques, promotional material designing, etc. is also explained in detail during the course period.

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