How To Become A Wedding Planner?

The day of wedding is the most awaited occasion for many people. What can be a better job than making people happy by helping them in organising the special day of their life. And this is not all; you get to use your creativity and management skills as well. All this and much more is waiting for you in the profile of a wedding planner. With the increase in demand for the services of wedding planners, it becomes a more lucrative option. However, not everyone can become a wedding planner. You must have an in built desire to perfectly plan and organise weddings and good convincing and management skills to do this. Here is a complete guide on how to become a wedding planner.

You must first polish your skills to become a wedding planner. The skill set required includes a creative flair, willingness to do something unique and interesting within a specified limit, interpersonal skills, multitasking, management skills, organisational ability, being organised and dependable, ability to handle difficult situations, etc. If you are interested in becoming a wedding planner, you can register yourself for a specific course in this sector. These courses not only polish your skills but also enhance your knowledge about the activities involved in organising a wedding. You must also put in your best efforts to gain sufficient knowledge of the field by searching the internet, reading case studies, taking to people in this line of business, discussing things with associated parties like wedding florists, wedding photographers, wedding decorators, etc., reading wedding related magazines, attending weddings of different types and observing things minutely, talking to the bride and groom about their plans of how the marriage should be organised, etc.

If you want to start your business as a wedding planner, you can also take up a job initially in this sector to make links and understand how things are managed. The practical experience gained can be utilised effectively into your own business.

You must then choose the services you want to offer as a wedding planner. For example - you can offer specialised services of arranging theme weddings at beaches or resorts or you can offer a one stop shop for all the wedding related arrangements or you can become a wedding planning consultant or you can offer your services in arranging exclusively the wedding day, etc. It is necessary that you choose your area of speciality because it will help in building an image in the mind of the potential customer.

You must also develop good links with the backend associates like the wedding florists, wedding photographer, wedding decorator, wedding caterers, wedding location providers, wedding card printers, etc. You must have at least one back up for each of the service providers. This will ensure that your services are smoothly delivered even if one of your back end supplier is busy with some other assignments. Also, you must thoroughly evaluate the services offered and the capacity of each of them. After all, their services will affect your goodwill in the market. You must also enter into written contracts with these parties on mutually agreed terms and conditions. You must thoroughly read each and every clause before signing the agreement. You can take the help of a legal professional, if required.

Once you have the tie ups ready you would then require a place of operation. You can start this business from home or take a single room space on rent in a commercial area. You must then complete all the legal, accounting and other formalities in starting the business of planning weddings. You must initiate the legal proceedings within time as it may take unexpectedly a longer time that forecasted.

You must create a portfolio of your work. This must include the photographs of weddings organised by you, special attractions in these weddings, if any, the overall arrangement, feedback from the clients, appreciation letters, etc. This can be done by exploiting your links. You can offer your services to your friends and family members who are about to get married at minimal rates and ask them to write appreciating letters for you. If you do not have a good portfolio in hand, it is difficult that to say whether or not the customers will evaluate you as an option. Not many people will be interested in taking a risk of trying a new entrant in the industry for the most special day in their lives.

Once you have everything at its place, you must start advertising and promoting your business. One of the easiest ways to get customer queries is by providing a commission to your back up suppliers. Since they are already in the industry, they will be getting some customers which might be interested in your services. You can distribute your business cards, pamphlets and other promotional material to the suppliers.

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