Types Of Cases Handled By Medical Negligence Lawyers


It is seen that the lack in attention to the medical facilitates creates a negligence professionally amongst the medical professionals. Hence there is a need to fight case which is a business for the lawyer. It is a form of the medical malpractice that is going on in the hospitals and the clinical dispensaries on a large scale. It is a form of malpractice which has witnessed serious consequences and shall continue to be on the verge of growing number of malpractices owing to the amount of the negligence that is displayed by the medical professionals in India. This is legally incorrect and hence should be under strict vigilance and under control. In the guide to follow, we shall discuss the various aspects of medical negligence and its effect on the laws in our country.

About the medical malpractice claims made

It is very important to understand some of the terms that are related to the law of medical negligence in order for us to understand better the laws that govern the medical negligence cases.

When a medical negligence case is fought in the court of law by a lawyer, it is fought such that the term given to the patient who is a victim of negligence on medical grounds is called the plaintiff. A plaintiff can be the victim or anyone who is authorized by the victim to bring out the negligence of medical grounds in front of the eyes of the law. Then there is the other party who is called as the defendant who has its own lawyer. It is the health care provided who is the accused one in most of the legal cases that are fought. It can also be a doctor or a nurse or a compounder who has neglected the patient?s health on medical grounds.

Different cases under medical negligence

Injuries sustained by the fetus during birth

These form the most commonly made claims that are pertaining to the medical negligence. It is a very careful procedure to be followed so that the baby is born in a healthy manner and all the necessary precautions are to be followed with care. There should not be a single scope of a mistake that is commonly made in the procedure that dictates the delivery of the birth of a new life into an individual as a new born child. The common forms of injuries that are sustained by the baby due to lack of care are cerebral palsy, death of the infant and also the injury sustained to the brachial plexus. There are also injuries that are involved for the mother. Cases that are commonly fought by the medical negligence lawyer are found in this category are the tearing of the vaginal muscles cases related to the complications of the episiotomy. It is very important that the parents of the child detect such medical negligence in a timely manner and notify the hospital staff as soon as possible. This can lead to any immediate action that is to be taken in the care of the new born child and the recovery in the injuries hence sustained. This is a type of case in infant injuries fought by the lawyers.

Diagnosis failures

Sometimes the medical negligence lawyers case is in the form of the failure in the diagnosis of a serious medical condition such as cancer or brain tumor. There tests to be conducted for these kinds of diagnosis but however, the reports due to some unavoidable circumstances come to be negative and the patient is hence not notified of even a serious medical case. This form of failure in diagnosis and also the; ate diagnosis can be fatal to the life of the patient and hence should be approached via a lawyer in the court of law. What failure to diagnose does is, it deprives that patient of the opportunity to detect a threat pertaining to medical condition earlier and it does not give him a chance to take proper medication to take prevention. This particular thing is of great interest to the lawyer. In this way, the patient continues to suffer till the threat reaches its last stage and now nothing can be done.

Fractures that are untreated

This is one common type of medical negligence. In these types of cases, the client of the medical negligence lawyers or the patient has a hairline fracture that goes very well undetected. If a fracture is not diagnosed and treated on time, the bones lose their ability to join after a certain time. This can lead to the increased pain and in some cases, there is a chance that the client of the lawyer can lose one of his arms or a leg rendering him physically challenged for life.


These are the legal cases where the amputation is made even if the medical condition is not that severe for the clients of the lawyers.


These are referred to as the conditions in hospitals that render the individuals to not to be treated in those hospitals due to a lack of hygiene. There should be some standards pertaining to hygiene in hospitals. The lawyers are aware of these conditions and keep a watch on them.

Thus, in this guide, we have seen the carious cases that are related to the medical negligence cases handled by a relevant lawyer.

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