How To Buy Good Wedding Flowers?

Wedding day is the much awaited special occasion for everyone and proper planning add to the overall mood of the occasion. One of the most important things that need to be arranged well in time is wedding flowers. Flowers are used not only to decorate the venue, but also at various other places like ? bouquet in the hands of the bride in Christian wedding, garlands that the bride and groom exchange in many Indian weddings, wedding car decoration, in the blazers of the groom and the near and dear ones, as a hair accessory by many women guests, etc. Thus if you are planning a wedding, you must put your best efforts to arrange for good wedding flowers that suit to the wedding theme and are within your budget. The idea should be that you must be fully satisfied with the choice and price.

You can choose to buy either fresh flowers or artificial or a combination of both. Many people prefer artificial flowers because they are have a longer life, do not shed petals, are easy to transport, you can also choose your favourite flower even in off season; there is no chance of allergies, etc. On the other hand, if you choose to buy fresh flowers, you can consult a florist. With his experience and the theme shared by you for the wedding, he can advise you on which flowers shall be the best for the occasion. If you choose to buy fresh flowers, you must evaluate the season in which your wedding is to take place and accordingly order flowers which are available in that season. Seasonal flowers will be available at comparatively lower prices. During spring season, flowers which are commonly available are ? tulips, hyacinths, peonies, lilies, etc. During summer season, there is a variety of options to choose from like - delphiniums, columbine, gladioli, irises, Antirrhinums, etc. Autumn is the season of flowers such as ? physalis, etc. Winter season bring with it many beautiful, scented flowers like - amaryllis, ilex berries, etc. Some flowers are available throughout the year like ? roses, orchids, lilies, Gerber daisies, etc. These are some of the favourite flowers and are used in many weddings because they are easily available. You must also make a checklist for the type and quantity of wedding flowers to be ordered. This will make sure that you do not miss on anything important.

You must not only concentrate at buying the best flowers for the wedding but also keep a check on the budget. If the resources are limited, you must decide a limit to the amount that you can spend on wedding flowers. This will help you in deciding the suitable wedding flowers that not only suit to the wedding theme but also do not make a hole in your pocket. You can also put in a little extra effort to get the best deal for wedding flowers. You can evaluate various options from where you can buy the same and choose the one which is offering the best quote. You can visit various wholesale flower dealers, check on the internet for wedding flower deals, ask friends and family if they have any references, etc. You can also save money by ordering flowers and assembling them into bouquets at home with the help of friends and near and dear ones. You must also not clear the whole payment until the wedding function is over. This will keep the florist motivated and get the best out of him.

Your job is not done once you order the flowers. You must also keep a check on the order progress with the florist from time to time. You must order the quantity and type of flowers as early as possible and pay some advance, so that the florist gets enough time to arrange for them. Meet the florist at the wedding venue to explain the decoration style and the theme of the wedding, so that the florist is clear about his job. If you have ordered for wedding flowers online, you must clearly mention the venue, contact number and landmark, if any and also ask for the delivery a few days before the wedding day as the shipment might get delayed; there are chances of loss in transit, etc. This will give you enough time in dealing with a difficult situation if it arises. You might be busy in other important tasks when the wedding is just about to come. So, you can give responsibility of taking care of taking delivery of the order, wedding flower decoration, bouquet assembling, etc. to a close friend or relative. You must choose a person who is trustworthy and is responsible enough to take care of such an important thing. Even if you do that, do not forget to check the same whenever you get time.

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