How To Buy Good Wedding Cards For Marriage

The wedding invitation card is the first impression that the invited guests will get of the wedding celebration that is due to come soon. Thus the choice of a wedding card is an important and a difficult decision to make. You must thoroughly analyse various things before finalising one suitable wedding card for the marriage. Here is a complete guide to buy the perfect wedding card for marriage.

From where shall I buy or order the wedding cards? This is the first question that strikes your mind. You may visit the local wedding card designers and printers to get a basic idea of the price range and the designs available. You may also search the internet for getting ideas on wedding cards. You can also refer to any of the wedding cards that you have preserved because you like the design of it. The address of the printer will be mentioned somewhere on it. Another source of getting references is asking from friends and relatives. The more the number of options you have, the better will be the comparison between the options.

You can also choose to personalise your wedding invitation card by adding your own colour, design, wedding logo, picture of bride and groom, a unique shape, depict the wedding theme, etc. Though this may cost you more than what you thought of spending, it will definitely give you a thing to preserve for a lifetime. However, if you want to stick to your budget, you must go for a design that is already available in the market. A little customisation like changing the colour, etc. can be done free of cost or at negligible rates by established printers. You can take advice in selecting the design from your friends and relatives. You must be extremely careful in selecting the wedding card printer. You must thoroughly research the brand name, price charged, number of customers, etc. before taking a decision.

You must also take extreme care in choosing the wedding invitation message to be printed on the cards. You can write your own message if you have a little bit of creative flair or you can browse the wedding invitation messages from the internet or visit a library and browse through relevant books. A lot of samples are also available with the wedding card printers to choose from. You must choose that wording which your heart picks. Try to be unique and interesting with the language. Make sure to recheck that there are no grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors. You must use a formal speech and follow proper etiquette in addressing people and things.

Not only is it important to write a remarkable and exclusive message on the wedding card, it is also important to adjust the font size and its placement. It should not look like something which is just hanging somewhere in the card. The font shall match to the overall theme of the card including the design, paper quality, size, etc. You can also place some sketches of ring ceremony, bride and groom, etc. on the sides of the printed matter to give a better appearance to the card.

You must also thoroughly check that all the requisite information is available in the wedding invitation like ? venue of wedding, time of wedding, date of wedding, name of the guest invited with proper salutation, details of the bride and the groom, details of the host, contact numbers for any queries on the wedding day, road map of the venue, etc. You must also ensure that the paper quality is the same as shown to you in the samples. You must preserve the sample for this till the time you get the delivery of all the cards. You must also make sure not to release the full payment till the time you hold the last printed card in your hand. This will keep you in a better position that you would be if you pay the whole amount in advance.

Alignment of the cards is also an important factor to be considered. If the printing is not in sync with the design, all your efforts in choosing the right design and words to be printed on it goes for a toss. Thus you must always ask for a sample to cross check the alignment of print from the card printer.

Buying the right and most suitable wedding card is a matter of great responsibility and must be done with extreme care and precision. You must make sure that you check the samples at each stage and also recheck the final proof before ordering the print. You must also order a slightly higher number of wedding invitation cards than the total guest count. The reason for this is that ordering a reprint can be very costly and time consuming.

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