What Everything You Need To Arrange For A Wedding Party?

Once the marriage is fixed, it is time to make all the necessary preparations well in time so that everyone has all praise for the much awaited special occasion. No one would intentionally like to leave an important arrangement and spoil the whole mood of the wedding party. Thus it is recommended to make a checklist of important things to be done, fix a wedding budget and the timeline of each task to avoid a difficult situation and to fully enjoy on the wedding day. You can also hire a wedding planner for this job. There are a lot of arrangements that needs to be made. Here is a list of action items that you must act upon for a successful wedding party.

The first and the foremost thing that you must do are to book the location of the wedding party for the specific wedding date and pay an advance amount for the same. You can choose to carry out the wedding in a banquet hall, a farm house, a beach, an open park, community centre, in a hall at any place of worship, a hotel party hall, etc. You must not forget to take a receipt of the payment made.

The next thing that you need to decide is whether or not you would like to hire a caterer and act accordingly. If you are not hiring a caterer, you must understand that your work burden will be enhanced as you will be required to arrange for the food supplies, etc. required by the cook and other things on your own. If you have decided to hire a caterer you must evaluate various options before finalising one caterer like ? the goodwill, price charged, services provided, menu offered, etc. Once the caterer is finalised you must choose the menu items and fix a price for the same. If there are certain items that you wish to keep in the menu but they are not offered by the caterer, you can hire someone else for the same.

Decoration at the wedding venue is another important arrangement that needs to be done. If it is a theme based wedding, the decoration must be planned accordingly like a flower wedding must have plenty of flowers; a beach wedding can have decoration with sea shells; etc. The decoration must include the reception gate decoration, stage decoration, the venue decoration, etc. You can hire a decorator or order for decoration items for the wedding day and hire some people to decorate the venue. The wedding cars also need to be decorated well in time.

Printing and distributing wedding invitation is also very important and time consuming task. You must first choose a suitable design for the wedding invitation, arrange for the perfect words to be printed on it, thoroughly check the sample and order printing of the invitation cards. You must make a guest list, recheck it and order a little more number of wedding cards print than what is required as reprinting can be very costly. Once you get the wedding invitations, start distributing the same. You can send emails, fax, etc. to guests which stay at far flung places.

You must also arrange for the wedding music and entertainment well in advance. You can choose from a DJ, an orchestra, a rock band, superstar live performances, etc. You must compare prices of various available options and also take references from friends and family members before choosing the final one.

Arranging for a wedding photographer is also a very important arrangement to be made. You would definitely love to preserve the most special moments in an album or a DVD to cherish it for years to come. There is a huge competition in the wedding photography industry. You must negotiate well and close the deal only with the most suitable wedding photographer. Proper and timely arrangements for the bride and the groom also need to be done. For the bride you must do the following arrangements like ? booking a beauty parlour, shopping for the wedding dress, shopping for wedding jewellery, buying wedding footwear, arranging other bridal accessories, etc. For the groom, you must arrange for ? the wedding dress, wedding footwear, beauty salon, etc. Shopping for other wedding jewellery like ? wedding rings, necklace, etc. shall be done in time. Arrangement for honeymoon shall also be done well in advance to avoid wasting time after wedding.

You must also arrange for a wedding car, priest to compete the wedding rituals, etc. If you plan to give some wedding return gifts, you must arrange for the same in time. At many places throughout the world, wedding is not a single day affair. Various other ceremonies like reception, ring ceremony, dance party, bachelor?s party etc. are planned along with the same. If you also plan to extend the wedding affair, you must also arrange for other ceremonies.

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