Best Food Items To Select For A Wedding Party In India

Wedding is a much awaited special occasion not only for the bride and the groom but also for the near and dear ones as it is a time to cherish the happiness, have great food, dance to your favourite numbers, show your favourite dresses, wear some of your exquisite jewellery and enjoy the overall mood of the wedding. India is a land of diverse cultures, religions and customs. People of different religions, state and cultures follow a different and unique style of wedding. Even the food served differs in different states and different religions and beliefs within the state. But the question is what is the best choice is when it comes to food selection for a wedding party in India? Which all food items shall be served at a wedding in India to make it a memorable affair for all people witnessing the same? Indian wedding starts days before the actual date of wedding. Various small rituals and customs are followed and the relatives and friends start participate in the same with full enthusiasm. Here is an answer to all your questions.

Irrespective of states and religions, Indian wedding are famous for the variety of snacks, soups and beverages served. You can choose from a variety of snacks available on the list. In Punjabi weddings snacks mainly include tikki, chaat papri, bhalla papri, samosa, potato pakoras, vegetable pakoras, bread pakoras, chicken fingers, cheese tikka, chicken tikka, etc. For a Muslim wedding, you can include a variety of non-vegetarian snacks. In western India, the common snacks served at wedding parties include dhokla, phaphra, variety of mixtures, thepla, etc. If you are arranging a marriage in southern India, the snacks that you can include are dosas, uppma, uttapam, idli, vada, etc. In eastern India the list of options that is available include ? varieties of fish, etc. However, since you would like to provide variety to your guests, you can include starters from international cuisines as well like ? Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Continental, etc. A lot of these snacks are very famous in India like ? pizzas, noodles, Manchurian, momos, Mexican wrap, pastas, salsa, tortillas, etc. Beverages available in the options list include ? fresh juices, mock tails, jaljeera, sweet lassi, matha, shikanjvi, soda, cold drinks, coconut water, milk shakes, hot milk, etc. You can also serve hard drinks but with prior permission from the competent authorities. Soups that you can serve can be tomato shorba, vegetable soup, mushroom cream, chicken clear soup, cream of chicken, hot and sour, Mon chow, etc.

When it comes to the selection of food items for the main course, it is a difficult job as the variety is too large. The main course for a north Indian wedding normally has a few dishes of rice like ? rice pulao, boiled rice, vegetable rice, pea?s pulao, jeera rice, etc.; Indian breads like ? naan, tandoori chapatti, tawa chapatti, roomali roti, missi roti, stuffed paranthas, etc.; Vegetables and pulses like ? dal, mixed vegetables, cheese masala, potatoes, etc. Non vegetarian dishes are also a good choice like ? chicken masala, mutton biriyani, etc. Other items that you can include are curd, salads, pickles, etc. In southern India you must include sambhar, rasam, puri, banana vegetable, etc. In western India, the main course includes many vegetarian dishes and seafood. In eastern India people normally prefer rice and fish for the main couse. Even though there are regional dishes which you must opt for, there are a large number of dishes that are inspired from other countries that can be included like ? vegetable hot and sour, crispy vegetables, fried rice, pita breads, etc.

How can we forget sweets and desserts in an Indian wedding? Sweets have a special sentiment attached to them and are a must for the Indian wedding irrespective of religion or customs. Sweets include rasgulla, barfi, ladoo, soan papri, etc. You can choose to keep deserts both hot and cold depending upon the season and the likings. Hot deserts include ? gulab jamun, jalebi, halwa, gajrela, etc.; while the cold ones include ice creams, pastries, rabri, puddings, fruit cream, kheer, etc. Hot sweetened milk is also served as a prominent food item in many Indian weddings.

You can also keep some digestives as India is famous all over the world for these items like ? paan, spari, saunf, aam papar, hing goli, dried ginger, etc.

For the selection of food items for a wedding party in India, you have a lot of options to choose from. However, you must pay attention to various factors like ? your budget, availability of particular food items, personal preferences, regional preferences, serving area available, etc. You must also pay attention to keep food for fast if the wedding is at that time of the year, for example in navratras, janam ashtmi, etc.

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