Getting Finance For Tour Operators Business

Right from moment we think of starting a new business idea, the very first and foremost thing which comes into our mind is arranging necessary funds. Tour operators business is no exception, it needs sufficient funds to start and operate. As your tour business grows there are increasingly greater calls for more money to finance expansion. The day to day tasks and operations of tour business also needs money. The main reasons of getting finance for your business; include purchasing of materials, assets and for providing wages and salary to employees. You also need money to cover the running cost of a business because your business can take some time for generating enough revenues and for covering that time you have to search for various financing options for your tour business. The main tasks of a tour operators business are booking and arranging tours. For these activities you need sufficient amount of funds. Business plan is a key to success for every business so you should develop a business plan before getting finance for your business. Business plan helps you to judge the feasibility and acts as a blueprint to keep your business on the right track as it grows.

Various financing options for a travel and tour operators business:

? Overdraft
? Investment loans
? Factoring guarantee loan
? Leasing


The bank overdraft is ideal cash reserve for your company. An overdraft occurs when you withdraw an amount from your bank account that exceeds the available balance. In this situation a person is said to be overdrawn. You can simply apply for an overdraft. You just have to verify your documents then you will receive a credit, which you can use when needed.

Warranty Guarantee:

By creating goods and services you are subject to certain warranty claims. Through a Warranty guarantee bank undertake to meet claims arising from a guarantee to stand up for you if the service provided at the time of purchase does not have the guaranteed properties or is defective.

Deposit guarantee:

When your customer asks for a security deposit guarantee in this case bank is committed to your customer to repay the whole amount, if you do not meet your delivery or performance obligation.

Rental guarantee:

With a rental guarantee, bank guarantee to the landlord of your commercially rented property (whether Shop or factory building) for your obligations under the agreed rental or lease agreement.

Process guarantee:

The process guarantee is often used in situations in which civil cases not yet finally completed. In order to safeguard against damage resulting from the cancellation of yet final judgments arise, process guarantee is the most efficient and effective way.

Contract guarantee:

As part of an accepted contract you are liable for the fulfillment of the commitments to agreed obligations. Through the performance bond, your customer receives the necessary security if you fail your contractual obligations.

Investment loans:

You need investment loan for basically structural enhancements, new machines and technologies, new employees, etc. The future of a company depends crucially on how competitive it is. Investment loan is tailored according to your business requirements regardless of whether you buy a company car, increase your stores or offices and modernize production facilities. The investment loan is a loan for the financing of fixed assets. Doing so, the loan amount depends on the volume of investment. The term of the investment credit generally corresponds to the amortization period of the financed asset, so that the loan can be traced back periodically with the return on the investment. With the investment loan, you can immediately purchase the required asset while maintaining your liquidity for operating purposes. The issue of public funding is also beneficial for your company.


The credit worthiness of your company (rating) is an important criterion for your credit terms. By leasing, you can positively influence the rating of your company.

Benefits of leasing:

Save taxes, protect resources
Firmly agreed lease payments over the entire term.
No long-term capital
Improve your business metrics
Leasing is a financing solution for granted today.


A common reason for liquidity constraints is that demands are too late or not paid at all. Sometime cash is tied, which could be used for the purchase of goods or growth-related investments. This is where factoring can help you out. As a complement to bank loans, factoring allows your company to generate liquidity through the sale of trade receivables.

As a result, additional revenue opportunities arise for the purchase. Factoring is not just a form of financing. Apart from immediate conversion of receivables into cash, it also offers hundred percent protections against bad debts and the discharge of administrative tasks through the acquisition of receivables management.

So depending upon your tour operator?s business requirement, you can select the best method from all the above explained options of financing that meets all your needs.

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