What You Learn In Hospitality Management Education Courses?


The courses in the field of hospitality management are the courses which give the students the academic knowledge about the hospitality industry. A degree in the field of hospitality management is to be obtained from a recognized university or a college which provides the students with the specialization in hospitality management. A degree which is obtained in the hospitality management is also called as the hotel management by the professionals in the field. The alternative names given to the hospitality management studies are the hotel and tourism management or also the hotel administration. People who have acquired the degree in Arts, Business Administration, Science, Doctorate etc. can opt for entering into the hospitality management industry. It is the set of studies which is focused to provide the students with the management that is related to the operations in the hospitality industry which includes various hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, clubs, pubs, etc. and also the other places relevant to the industry like the amusement parks. In the guide to follow, we shall study the aspects of learning from the hospitality management industry education courses.


In the courses that are related to the hospitality management, which included the hospitality and tourism management, the curriculum is such that it follows some of the core subjects related to the applications of that of a business that is related to the specialization specifically in the hospitality industry. The core subjects that are related to this field include the accounting aspects, administrative services, information systems, finance, human resource management as well as the marketing knowledge and applications. It also includes some courses in the public relations, quantitative analysis as well as the strategically needs. There are also the sectorial studies that are in specific dedicated to the hospitality management industry. There are undergraduate as well as the postgraduate studies that are related to the field of hospitality management.

In addition to the core subjects that are mentioned above, there are also some other subjects that are introduced in the courses in hospitality management that are design such that they are specific to the degree. These include the following:

? Management of the restaurants ? Management of the operations that are related to the food as well as thee beverages that are served in the restaurants, science related to food, Section of food and its preparation, Cost control in food and beverage industry etc.

? Operations management in boarding and lodging ? Lodging management, Operations in hotels, Timeshare management in various resorts, Sales and the marketing aspects of the hotel reservations, Physical plant in hospitality.

? Global Tourism ? Management aspects of tourism industry, Airline and related services, sustainable tourism, Research methods in the hospitality industry.

? Management of Attractions ? Management of the theme parks, amusement parks, guided tours, Entertainment Arts etc.

? Event management ? Industry of events, Management of the catering services, marketing management in the hospitality industry.

? Preparation of food ? Basics that are related to the preparation of the food, Sanitation and the hygiene of the food, Labs for inventing new flavors in the food and the beverages which are launched as well as labs for the beer and wine tasting and taste development.

Work experience

It is seen that many of the prerequisites of the education courses in the hospitality management industry are the work experience that is taken from within the industry. It can also be in the form of the various internships as well as the co-operative placements. The background and the training that is required for getting an entry into the hotel management industry depends upon the various factors like the title conferred as well as the duties that are related to the operations of the hospitality industry. It has been generally seen that the career prospects in the hospitality industry boost up for the profiles which have the relevant skills in the same industry due to the industry experience which is treated as the strict qualification in the same.


The various education courses that are offered in the field of the hospitality management are a set of varied levels of the diploma as well as some of the degree courses. A diploma from high school is one the essential degrees that is a prerequisite for any occupation that is related to the management of the hospitality industry. The degree courses are given some flexibility. For the degree education courses, you can either turn up for the bachelors? degree in the hospitality management or also you can opt for the business degree in any stream. Business degrees are also preferred in the hotel management sector. The best part in the hospitality management industry is that the post of the General Manager can also be awarded to a graduate with relevant work experience.

Thus in this guide, we have explored the various aspects of the learning from the hospitality management education courses.

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