How To Offer Distance Learning Education Courses In India?


Distance learning courses are benefit to the people in a country like India in a lot of ways. First and foremost, the distance education gives the opportunity to the Indian population to make the most out of the work and the study schedules. Unlike the traditional courses that are offered, the distance learning courses give us an option to earn simultaneously when we are learning. The distance education courses do not keep us busy for most of the times and thus they let us concentrate on the other aspects which are more important to us in our lives rather than just taking education. In distance education, all you have to do is enroll into a good University which has the option of the distance learning and keep on getting correspondence from the same. The University then is responsible for you to notify in case of any updates, to send the study materials, to arrange for the exams etc. In the guide to follow, we are going to have a look at the various distances learning education courses as well as we are going to throw light on as to how to offer them.

Registered education body and abiding by the regulations

The first and the foremost thing that needs to be required in order to form a course to offer the mode and option of distance learning is that you should be a recognized body through the government of India. It is very much necessary and absolutely mandatory that you are registered institution that is allowed to offer courses according to the constitution of India. The registration allows to legally conducting business in the education sector. Also, you need to follow the guidelines that are set up by the Indian government for the number of intake of the students. There should not be more number of students than those specified by the education department of the government. You should be successful in abiding to all the rules and regulations that exist for any institution involved in provision of the educational courses to the students in India. There can be periodic checks in order to double check if an educational institute is able to comply with all the requirements that are set up by the government of India for any educational institute.

Prepare and send the study materials

Once you have complied with all the requirements that are set up by the government of India about the institute being registered, you can start enrolling the students under your institute for any of the distance learning education courses programs. You need to make the people aware of the courses that are offered by you so that they can consider your institute for the educational services. Give relevant ads in the newspapers in almost all the newspapers as well as hoardings so that people from diversified states can consider joining under your institute for distance education courses. Once they have enrolled under your institute, you need to keep sending them the study materials and any guidelines on periodical basis. You need to prepare the materials for their education well in advance and need to send them when their course is in progress. Specify the syllabus as well as give them a structure of the exam. If possible, try to include the previous years? question papers so that they can have a rough idea about the exams and can clear the cut off of the same.

Conduct exams

Having said that, you need to conduct exams of the students enrolled under you on a periodical basis so that you can keep a check of the progress of the students with respect to the portion that is sought in the periodical exams. Now it is to be considered that if your distance learning education institute in India is a widespread one, then it will have students enrolled from a very wide geographical area. In such a case, you need to conduct exams in places such that it is possible for all the students enrolled under your distance education program to come and give exams. Hence you need to establish the examination centers in almost all the cities and towns in India from where you have enrollment of students. You need to send your own supervisors to those locations or you can opt to hire someone from the local area to supervise in the exams.

Prepare results

Once exams are done, you need to set up a panel of examiners for corrections of papers and also moderators in some cases. Your aim is to transform individuals into degree holders (professionals) through these exams and send them the results after processing them. Thus in this guide, we have seen about the distance education courses and how to offer them.

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