Various Options In Teacher Education


In a society, irrespective of any geographical region of the world, a teacher is given a prestigious place. Imparting knowledge to others is regarded as a status. To be able to impart knowledge to others, the teachers must themselves be educated enough in order to clear all the doubts that come across their students? minds. There are some good teachers on our society who are fond of helping other children. These children then transform into young adults, but they are still emotionally attached and bonded with their teachers. Provided a teacher guides a student onto a right career path by implementing correct approach towards teaching and establishing fundamentals well in the students? brains, the children get raised intellectually. Hence the role of a teacher in a child?s life is very critical. There are a lot of challenges involved in the field of teaching. You need to actually work with children and mix your mentality to that of theirs. Within the first few days of teaching, an individual can determine whether it is a right kind of a job for him or not. In the guide to follow, we are going to discuss the various options in the education towards becoming a teacher.

Subject of interest

It is seen that right from childhood, an individual is oriented towards a particular field of education. Some children are good at arts, drawings, paintings, dance forms etc. while others are good in mathematics, computer basics and some programming, management, communication etc. An individual needs to discover the very subject that interests him and the one which he would like to develop a career in. This will help the individual to grow at a great pace compared to others in that field. So, if an individual wants to become a teacher, it is very important to discover the inner self and nurture their talent and skills towards the development of a career in teaching.

Formal education

Education is of prime importance in order to be able to teach someone being a professional teacher. The level of education that is derived from the primary school till you pass out of your school studies is basic and it contains concepts on various fields required such as economics, sciences, mathematics, social studies, biology, chemistry etc. It should be taken care to make your fundamentals clear about the field you are interested in so that you can become a teacher and pass on the heritage of knowledge to the future generation. After your schooling days are over, it is of prime importance in your teaching career to choose the subject of importance i.e. science, arts or commerce. There is hardly any way turning back to the other field once you have chosen any of the other fields. In science, you have a wide variety of options for teaching. You can teach in the field of science related to the biology, botany, zoology, anatomy, genetics, dentistry, engineering, mechanics, electronics, telecommunications, information technology etc. Each of the fields is vast and needs specialization in order to become a teacher in that subject. Commerce includes accounting, taxation, costing etc. while arts include teaching of performing arts, communications, psychology, theatre, designing etc. Specializations are available in each of the fields. These days, owing to the amount of competition that is involved even in the field of teaching, there is a requirement of the education to be extended up to the Maters level. The formal education that is to be completed in India is B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) or equivalent bachelors? degree.

Certificate courses

Certification courses from reputed institutes always help in boosting the career profile of an individual. It is your responsibility as a teacher to evaluate and investigate upon the various teacher-credential programs as well as the certification programs. These certificate courses are also available in the college or the university level where you teach. It is necessary to decide on the portion that have your fundamentals clear as well as you can teach well. Making a choice between imparting the primary education or the secondary education as well as the education to the degree students is of vital importance.


You can also get a doctorate in the field that is of prime interest to you by enrolling yourself at a PhD course at a reputed university. PhD is considered as the highest degree that any individual can be awarded with in the field that is dedicated to the teaching. PhD in a reputed university under a well known guide is of three years duration, but it may extend up to a number of years depending upon your expertise and thesis. Thus in this article, we have seen the various options that are involved in the field of teacher education.

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