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Over a period of years, a lot of education institutes in India have shown increasing number of interests in offering the correspondence courses in India. Accordingly, the number of institutes in India offering correspondence courses as well as the number of courses that are offered by an institute has increased to a considerable extent in India. The very rise in the provision of these correspondence courses is the response that is encountered in favor of the increasing number of huge population in a country like India opting for distance educations courses. The popularity in the correspondence courses offered is seen not only by the student, but also by the working population who are getting them enrolled in the various degree and diploma courses so that they can have better opportunities in the industry further by enhancing their qualifications as well as skills. The correspondence courses offered in India are most beneficial to those individuals who cannot manage to travel very far from the remotest areas that they reside in. In the guide to follow, we shall explore the various aspects of correspondence courses offered in India.

India and distance learning

These days, education in India is offered through correspondence by a number of institutions. Distance education in India is not restricted in India to only a few disciplines. It offered in India for a variety of disciplines. The disciplines in the field of art, science, and commerce enjoy all the facilities and convenience that are offered to the students through the medium as convenient and flexible as distance learning. The various levels of education are spread across the undergraduate as well as the postgraduate degrees in India. Even the diploma courses are included when it comes to the enlisting of the courses offered under the distance education. The undergraduate courses that are offered in India are most popular and contain courses such as B.A (English, Psychology, Hindi, Sanskrit, Political Science, Sociology, History, etc.) B.Com (Accounting, taxation, costing, auditing, etc.) as well as B.Sc (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology- Zoology, Botany, Geography and Economics), B.Lib ( Bachelor of library science), MBA (Master of Business Administration) and B.Ed. The mode of distance learning in India includes Masters Degree as well. Pursuing of MBA through distance learning is the most popular form of distance education in India.

Popularity of the distance learning courses in India

Here is a list of the various courses in India that are offered through the mode of correspondence arranged according to their rankings owing to their popularity and the rate of enrollment by Indian students:

1. Master of Business Administration
2. Bachelor of Arts
3. Bachelor of Commerce
4. Certification courses for engineering, accounting and information technology
5. Bachelor of Science
6. Diploma courses in technology related fields

The above list contains the descending order of the number of take ups in these courses all over India. Thus through the above list, we can categorize the various courses offered through the medium of distance learning according through their popularity. Thus we get an estimate of the number of professionals that seek education in some of the dedicated fields of study in India.

Trends in distance education courses

When it comes to the education in India regarding the mode of getting education through the medium of correspondence, there are some of the trends that are observed in the roll up and the take up of these courses. These trends are observed with respect to the take up of the courses offered through the mode of distance learning depending upon the various geographical locations throughout India. It is specifically seen that in some parts of India, the demand and hence the enrollment for a particular type of course is much more when the same comparison is made along with the other geographical region in India. For e.g. the take up rate of MBA courses through correspondence is more in cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore etc. This is owing to the fact that the offices operating in these cities are mainly the corporate offices. Hence from an education viewpoint, importance given to the management studies in these cities is more compared to that of the others.

Impact on distance learning mode on Indian skills set

In a country like India, where there is a population more than a billion, there needs to cater the requirement of the Indian citizens for the education. But, on the contrary, there is a lot of competition involved within the Indian students themselves owing to the limited number of seats in the colleges and universities. The courses offered through the mode of distance learning fulfill this requirement.

Thus in this guide, we have seen an overview of the correspondence education courses offered in India.

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