Various Packages To Include For Travel Business In India

Travel business is the term used for business of transportation, itinerary and accommodations for travellers. Travel can be for recreation, leisure or business purpose. Travel business is the term used to describe providing all the facilities to the tourists and earns profits there from. Now what consists of tourists? Tourist is that person who goes to and stays in the places that are outside their usual environment more than one day but it should not be more than one year. Tourist can go to places for many purposes. It can be for recreation, leisure, meeting or business purpose. As nowadays nothing is confined to a one particular area. World has become too small. Travelling has become a common feature of everybody life. People nowadays travel not only within India but also they go abroad for many purposes. So anyone who is in travel business can earn huge amount of profits because the travelling business is growing at a very fast pace.

In travel business you can include many kinds of packages to cater different needs of all kinds of people. They may need travelling for different purposes. It can be differentiated on the basis of different age groups also. To decide what packages you will provide you have to do a thorough research on the people as well as places where they can visit. You should study the characteristics of all kinds of people to know their specific travelling needs so that you can design the travel packages to cater all those needs. All the travel packages that you provide should be cost competitive and should provide add on to the travellers if you want to grow in that field. You can include the following tour packages in the travelling business to serve all kinds of needs.

Pilgrimage travel package:

India is a country which is a centre of world?s major religions. People from the entire world also come to visit India for religious purpose. As India adopts every religion, and Indian people are having deep religious values, it will be very beneficial for your travel business to include Pilgrimage tour package to cater to the needs of religious people. India is a home of many religious places which holds immense religious value to the people. You can have pilgrimage package of different kinds for the people of different religions. Most popular Indian pilgrimage destinations - golden temple in Amritsar, Hemkunth sahib, Amaranth yatra, Vaishno Devi, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Vrindavan, Mathura, Varanasi, Rajasthan temples with Buddhist pilgrim destinations which are popular tourist attractions.

Wildlife travel packages:

You can include in your travel wild life tour packages business to cater to the needs of nature lovers and adventurous people. And India is a land that provides unique, fascinating and mysterious experience to the all nature lovers having more than 500 sanctuaries, 81 national parks, 24 tiger reserves established by the governments to conserve wild life. You can divide wildlife tours in different packages. Like wildlife Jim Corbett tours. Wildlife in south India, wild life India and Nepal, wild life tour Ranthambore, north east India wild life tour, wildlife tribal trail tour, best of Madhya Pradesh tour, Kajiranga wild life tour.

Heritage travel package:

India is a country with vast heritage and diverse culture. Its heritage includes many culture practices, languages, architectures, monuments, customs, palaces that India is carrying for many centuries. And Rajasthan is the most popular tourist attraction of all. So you can include Indian heritage tours to meet the people?s need for knowing about Indian heritage and culture. Many monuments and palaces of the Indian kings give the people the glimpse of the royal past of India. You can include many heritage tour packages Golden triangle plus tour, Heritage of Rajasthan, Tajmahal sightseeing with ravishing Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh heritage, south India special tours etc.

Ayurveda and yoga travel package:

Ayurveda and yoga tour is getting very popular nowadays not only in India but also overall world. Being one of the oldest civilizations, India is known as the inventor country of Ayurveda with a huge heritage of Ayurveda. Ayurveda has been derived from the Sanskrit language which means ?the science of life?. It is the science of treatment with the medicines prepared from the herbal plants found in abundance in India with no side effects. Historical evidence of Ayurveda and yoga treatments is found in Vedas that can be used in curing and preventing many ailments. Ayurveda and yoga packages include yoga therapies, Ayurveda treatments and antidotes which heals the mind and the body with various without any harmful repercussions. Various packages that you can include luxury spa tours Rajasthan, Mount Abu tour, and Vrindavan healing tour.

Architectural travel package:

India has huge architectural heritage also. Various Indian monuments are the evidences of great Indian artists? work. Architectural tours include north India and south India tours. Various grand monuments, forts, sculptures are the part of Indian architectural heritage. These travel packages can include Rajasthan forts and palaces tours, Ajanta and Allora caves, southern architectural tour of India, etc.

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