What Are Fragrance And Deodorants And How To Sell Them?


The fragrance products and deodorants have made way into our lives as a very integral parts regarding to the body odor care. Deodorants are the substances that are available in the form of a spray such that they help in the removal of the body odor as well as reduce the amount of perspiration from the body of the human beings. There are antiperspirants also that are available in the market which cause the body to not to release the sweat and hence no body odor. The deodorants are typically applied in sweat areas of the body such as the under arm pits, and rarely used on the parts of body like the feet as well as the entire upper body in the form of body sprays. But it should also be taken care by the manufacturers by not including the ingredients in the deodorants that can cause the body to be allergic to those substances. In the guide to follow, we are going to discuss about the fragrance products as well as the deodorants and seen the various ways in order to sell these products.

More about fragrance products and deodorants

The fermentation activity that is carried out by the bacteria can cause the human sweat to emit a form of typical odor which otherwise is deprived of any odor. The human underarms is amongst those areas of the body that is constantly under higher temperature compared to the other parts of the body as well as there is moisture which makes it the ideal place for the various categories of bacteria to thrive upon and dwell and cause their activity. Deodorants are the products that are classified under the category of cosmetics and are designed in order to eliminate the odor from under such odor susceptible areas of the body, specifically designed for the under arms.

Selling fragrance items and deodorants

It is obvious that the requirement for the fragrance products and deodorants is widespread in any of the given markets. Also, every individual has the same condition more or less when it comes to body perspiration. Hence it is easy to target the individuals in the market. However it is to be noted that there is not such easy strategy to achieve sales of these products because of the variety of products in fragrances and deodorants that are launched and exist in the market. Here are some most common ways to sell fragrance products and deodorants:

Media advertising

Various elements of media should be employed so that you can quickly and more convincingly reach out to the various generations of people as well as to a large number of people who are most spread in a vast geographical region like that of India. In your ads, emphasize on the structure of the ads and content as well. You need to keep in mind a particular theme like need of deodorants for working and college going people. A mix of culture and advertising should be a tool to sell your products.

Free samples

When you launch a new product in deodorants as well as fragrance products, it is highly unlikely that your products will be bought by the people in the market. Hence you need to make out some schemes like offering your deodorant product free of cost on other item as an offer. People tend to take anything that is given for free. But when the people will use such free product like the deodorants, they will encounter the fragrance and the antiperspirant aspects of your product. This will make them used to your product if they find it good. Once they are hooked on to your product, from then on you shall encounter constant growth in sales.

Medical shops

People go to the medical shops when there arise a need for them to purchase a deodorant. Hence you should have collaboration with the chemist to market your product and it should be set up on a commission basis. Ask the chemist if he can allow you to put posters, pamphlets and other publicity material in his medical store order to market your product.


A lot of health conscious people work out in the gyms these days and in the same process they sweat a lot. They are bound to apply deodorants for getting antiperspirant qualities from fragrance products. You can always have an option of setting up a small counter inside those gyms or just outside accessible areas of the gym such that you can make sales of your deodorants and other fragrance products to the gym members. Provide various offers on your products.

Thus, in this guide we have seen about fragrance products and deodorants as well as the various ways to dell them.

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