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A business in the field of personal care is a consumer oriented industry that constantly thrives on the sale of the products that are manufactured. It is the industry that is involved in the manufacturing of the consumer products that is used mainly for the purpose of beautification as well as sometimes equipped with the personal hygiene. It can also be subcategorized into the cosmetics as well as the female hygiene. However there is a very thin lining that distinguishes the products in personal care to that in the category of cosmetics. Cosmetics mainly deal with the luxury goods used only for the purpose of beautification. But when you visit a retail store, you will find cosmetics and personal care products mixed together and kept in shelves. In the guide to follow, we are going to discuss about the top Indian companies involved in the selling of personal care products.

Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson is an American pharmaceutical company, manufacturer of the devices used in medical areas, goods which are packaged for consumption etc. Listed amongst the Fortune 500 list, it has maintained its corporate reputation in India since almost a century as well as has been amongst the top rankers and being the world?s most reputed company for the products in personal care. The brands in the personal care for Johnson and Johnson include products in face washes, baby diapers, baby powders, first aid supplies, contact lenses, etc. and many more. The size of operations of the company Johnson and Johnson can be estimated by the fact that it is operative in 57 countries including India. As well has more than quarter of a century of subsidiary companies.


L?oreal is the world?s leading and the largest company in the field of manufacturing of cosmetics and beauty products. It is operative in India and one of the most trusted sources when it comes to buying of the cosmetics. It is mainly active in the areas that are related to the skin care, hair care, hair color, protection from sun, perfumes, makeups, etc. and other dermatological and pharmaceutical fields. This company is believed to make 97% sales in the areas of cosmetics as well as 2.5% sales from hair care products in India. It has operations in over 130 countries and India with its huge population caters a very huge market for this company, hence it has well established its roots in India. This company believes in research and development of the skin and the hair care product related to beauty since a long time and comes up with new products from time to time.


It is a brand of makeup that is very famous in a country like India. It is a company that is owned by L?oreal itself. The range of products in beauty care that Maybelline caters is related to the eyelashes, mascara, eyeshades and makeup in general. The products that are launched by Maybelline in India are an instant hit amongst people. When L?oreal acquired Maybelline, it gave L?oreal mass markets pertaining to the cosmetics industry since then in India.


Gillete is a brand of the company Procter and Gamble that manufactures razors in India. It is also amongst the manufacturers of the personal hygiene products in India. The Gillete Company is a leading supplier that exists on a global scale with the help of its various brands in India. In razors that are manufactured, there are various things that are launched day after day. This gives customers in India a wide range to choose from when it comes to selecting personal care products.

ITC Limited

ITC Limited is an Indian conglomerate. It has a market capitalization of over US $ 22 billion as well as turnover of around US $ 6 billion. It is listed in Forbes 2000 list as well as established and based in the metro city of India called as Kolkata. Personal care is amongst only one of the categories that are manufactured by the ITC Limited Company. ITC limited has generated over 5 million employment opportunities in India, the majority of which is from the most economically backward classes in India. It is rapidly gaining market share in personal care products in India.


Revlon manufactures products in the field of skin care, cosmetics, fragrance. It is a personal care company operative in India since decades. It employs over 7000 people worldwide and has revenue of over US $ 1.4 billion. Revlon uses the Indian media to advertise its products under various brand names. The matching nail polishes and lipsticks that are launched by Revlon have exotic as well as unique names.

Thus in this guide we have seen the top companies in India that are selling personal care products.

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