How To Sell Perfumes?


A product like perfume is a very magical one and it is used heavily by people owing to its magical as well as a strong fragrance. Despite being such a wonderful product, the statistics that are related to the sale of perfumes are such poor that they speak about the underperformance that is encountered in the sale of the perfumes. This is contradictory owing to the lot of businesses that are existing and new businesses ready to develop to sell perfumes. Hence it is evident that the perfume is a very tricky product to be sold to the market even though people like perfumes and the market for perfume is still open. In the guide to follow, we are going to discuss the various ways in which you can make sale of perfumes.

Marketing plan

It is all about marketing that decides the sale of your product. Marketing makes all the difference that is encountered in the statistics that are related to the sales. For e.g. if you have a product of a glue, and it does not work well. In that case, you still have to think of a marketing plan because you do not want your product to go waste. Hence you can think of a better way to put up your marketing speech. You can convince the customer that the glue is specifically designed such that it is less adhesive and can be used to stick on small pieces of paper and use it as stickies. Thus the same product is sold but now with a different sales pitch. You need to strategize well about selling your product as well as make way for the product to speak for itself in the market.

Research on the market

For selling a product like perfume, you need to research and understand the segment of your market. You need to target and make a client base of your various potential customers. If you have a budget which is well enough, then the marketing strategy can be flexible. However, if you have a budget that is limited, then you have to break down your market into different categories and target only those customers who can be sold your product. It is important to understand from the marketing point of view that you are marketing and selling peoples? wants, not the needs. It is your duty to employ specific marketing strategy in order to convert your customers? wants into needs.


It is not enough to sit after your best efforts to make sales and wait for customers to be upfront in buying your products. Instead, you should call them on an upfront basis and make an attempt to make sales over the phone. You need to get some action by making those telemarketing calls. Letting your potential customers read the advertisements and move on is not at all a good plan to sell.

Free samples

It is a good idea to let the customers to try your brand of a newly launched perfume for free. It always helps to keep a demo bottle of perfume in a mall so that the customers can try out for themselves. Also, you can make available to the customers about the free small bottles of perfumes. This comes to the customers as a free gift or a bonus instead.


You need to make your ads such that there is a thorough display of the positive attitude, energy etc. by the generous usage of all the possible hyped up words. You need to target the dreams of the customers, and give them hope on the same. It is a totally wrong approach in marketing if you are expecting the customers to show some sympathy or pity to your business. This will not happen ever and hence any sales.

Build relationship

You need to build a relationship with your customers. The sales persons employed by your business must be the top sales guns. Sales persons are supposed to sell their personality and not their product. The sales persons should have a knack about how to sell the product by making it look good as well as convincing your customers.


Putting up advertisements is costly. But it is one good investment to be done. If you advertise on a newspaper or a magazine, the ad would expire in a couple of days or just be a matter of few weeks. It may be a little too expensive and would derive a huge investment in the initial stages. Make sure that the advertisement that you do on your perfume product is such that it employs models and superstars for the ads. This is because, people tend to follow glamour.

Thus, in this guide, we have seen the various ways in which you can sell perfumes.

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