What To Sell In Skin Care Business?


Skin if observed properly is the largest organ that is present on our body. Hence it is obvious that when it comes to taking care of our health, we should emphasize the most on the care of the skin. You can either use the ingredients that are naturally derived as well as the ones that are produced artificially in the market. In the guide to follow, we are going to discuss the various products that are to be sold to take care of the health of the skin in order that you keep your skin healthy and glowing for a long time and reduce the signs of aging.

Ayurvedic products

Being a business owner in the skin care industry, you can consider the selling of the various skin cares related products to your market and Ayurvedic skin care products is no exception. Ayurvedic techniques in the skin care industry is a very old form of science and the products that are made related to the skin conditions and taking care of the skin by ayurvedic methods are such that they use the mixture that was invented like 5000 years ago. The market for Ayurvedic skin care products for your business is vast, although not the most huge form. By selling the products in skin care related to the Ayurvedic practices, you can make an effect on the skin, body in general and mind as well of your customers. Hence there is a demand in the ayurvedic skin care creams and lotions to be applied on to the skin. Ayurvedic skin care is derived only from the natural ingredients which are an added advantage to the consideration of ayurvedic products to be used in order to take care of your customers? skin.


Moisturizers are the products related to take care of your skin which contains a complex mixture of the chemical agents. It is designed taking into considerations the special requirements of the skin such that the external layers of the skin to make it more soft and pliable. The use of moisturizers that are available in the market causes hydration of the sin i.e. increases the water content of the skin. This reduces the evaporation of water content from the skin to make it more lively, glowing and shiny. It is used to protect the skin which is dry in nature as well as the sensitive skin. It improves the skin tone as well as causes it to have a better texture.


A sunscreen is the sun tan lotion which is also commonly referred to as the sun cream. The sun screen is designed with the special ingredients to make it absorb and reflect the harmful UV rays of the sun. The sunscreen must be used on the light skin because light skin has less number of colored pigments and hence it is more susceptible when it comes to getting exposure to the sunlight. Sunscreens contain the natural organic constituents as well as some inorganic components. The sunscreen is rated in terms of a factor which measures its effectiveness on the skin. It is called as the Sun Protection Factor or simply SPF. The UV radiation that is incident on the skin causes it to burn. The SPF is the amount of UV radiation that is needed to burn the skin when moisturizer is applied to it. Hence higher the SPF factor, the better it is.

Sun block creams

There is a common misconception that sunscreens and sun block screens function in the same way. On the other hand, Sun block is the cream which is more effective than the sunscreen because it is able to block the harmful UV rays from the sun. They have quite similar properties though. However, their color and composition differs. Sun block is distinguishably much more opaque than the sunscreens.

Skin lotion

A skin lotion is made up such that it has low to medium viscosity. They are the emulsions of the type oil in water and also sometimes water in oil types. You need to apply lotion to your skin with the bare hands externally. It is not a medicine for your skin but it makes your skin smooth and soft in nature. Application of skin lotions on to the surface of the skin makes it reduce the signs of aging.

Cold Cream

Cold cream is an emulsion of water as well as certain fats. It contains scent agents so that you can smoothen your skin. It is used also when you remove the makeup. It leaves a cooling feeling on to the surface of the skin.

Thus, in this guide, we have seen the various products to sell in the skin care business.

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