Top Indian Companies Selling Fashion Watches

Watch Selling is one of the most profitable businesses in the current market scenario. The demand of watches is ever lasting and its keeps on increasing with the changing fashion trends. India is one of the biggest market in the world and it also one of the biggest exporter of Watches. High population and majority middle income group of people who can spend easily on accessories make it one of the favorite market to invest in. The following are the most famous sellers and distributors of watches in India. They are basically owned by the companies involved in manufacturing or some big business houses. They act as an agent i.e. they sell watches to small retailers and make profit in between. Let?s discuss them in detail.

World of Titan Watches:

Titan Industries was established in the year 1984 with its manufacturing unit in Tamil Nadu. Titan is a joint venture of Tata Group and Tamil Nadu Industrial development Corporation. With its increasing brand value and customer satisfactory services Titan is leading manufacturer of wrist watches in India. But Titan is just not confined to Indian market, its expanding in overseas market also. Now Titan has become the sixth largest wristwatches manufacturing company in the world. Titan watches are very popular and common among people. Most of the people love to gift titan wrist watches to their dear ones at any special occasion. The features of Titan watches are its quartz technology and unique international designs. Others Brands from Titan watches:

? Sonata

Sonata is an independent brand of Titan. Sonata watches has a quite reasonable prices as compare to Titan watches. Sonata was basically launched to target every group of people.

? Fastrack

With the increasing success of Titan and Sonata watches, the third brand in the watches category was launched by Titan called Fastrack. Fastrack basically focuses on young people. Its designs, styles, technology all are developed according to the choice of a youth. Fastrack watches become a rage in young girls and boys. Their price range is also very economical.

? Edge

The slimmest wrist watches collection was presented by Titan under the name of Titan Edge brand. Titan Edge is a result of many years of research and cutting edge technology.

? Nebula

Nebula is a women brand from Titan. These expensive jewelry watches comprises of gold, pearl and diamond studded dials.

? Raga

One more exclusive collection of watches for women was launched by Titan by the name of Titan Raga. These watches are a mixture of gold, metallic dials with leather bands or bracelets.

? There are many other brands from Titan like Regalla, Bandhan, Flip, Octane, etc. Titan has also got the license for other big global brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss. Even the famous Swiss wrist watch brand Xylys is being sold by Titan.

Hindustan Machine Tools Watches Limited:

Hindustan Machine Tools Watches Limited is one of the oldest governments owned company in India. It was established in 1950?s. Since early 1960?s HMT diversified its operations in manufacturing watches. Since then Hindustan Machine Tools Watches Limited has been involved in selling and distribution of watches produced by HMT. They are one of the oldest and must trust worthy brand in the Indian watch industry. HMT is one of the biggest manufacturing units in India, it has highly skilled employees. According to the statistics provided by HMT Watches Limited during a market survey, it has been found that they have sold more than 10 million watches worldwide.

HMT acquired the necessary technology and machinery to manufacture world class quality watches from Citizen, Japan. It is a globally recognized company with ISO-9001 certification. HMT Watches Limited is one of the biggest exporters of watches in the world. They quality of their products are excellent which makes them one of the favorite among different brands.

Some of its popular range is:

? Elegance, Roam, Utsav, Sangam, Lalit, Pace, Swarna, Shreyas, Chandan, Braille, etc.
? Only Hindustan Machine Tools Watches Limited has the authority to distribute and sell watches manufactured by HMT.


Maxima Watches Limited is a Unit of PA Group of Industries involved in selling and distribution of fashion watches. It was started in 1996. Maxima Watches Limited is quite famous for selling quality watches at economical prices. It provides accurate, reliable, quality. It is also responsible for providing after sales service. It is ISO 9001-2000 certified. It has about 550 models in its product range.

They can be categorized in various sections such as:

? AQUA- Waterproof range of watches
? Gold- Gold plated watches at affordable prices
? Scuba- Trendy watches for the youth

These are some of the most popular companies involved in selling and distribution of fashion watches. However there are many other companies. More and more people are shifting into this business sector because of increasing demand of watches and high returns of profit.

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