How To Become A Distributor For Fashion Clothing Business?

Fashion clothing is becoming very popular these days not only amongst celebrities but also amongst common people. Everyone wants to flaunt their designer wear at special occasions. Because of this huge demand across people of all age groups, it has become a very profitable option to enter into the business of fashion clothing. However, huge demand is not the only reason which is driving entrepreneurs to enter into the said business. Other reasons like preference in keeping up with the latest trends in fashion, helping people choose fashion clothes, etc are also adding to the already high levels of competition prevailing in the industry. If you are looking for an answer to how to become a distributor for fashion clothing business, this guide comes handy. But, before getting into the details of how to become a distributor for fashion clothing business, it is important to understand who is a fashion clothing distributor and what motivates him/her?

Who is a fashion clothing distributor? A wholesale fashion clothing distributor is one who buys fashion clothing in bulk from the manufacturers and distributes the same in small lots to the retailers. It is more of business to business sales. A retail fashion distributor is one who buys fashion clothing in bulk from wholesalers or manufactures and sells it directly to customers. It involves business to customers? sales. What motivates a fashion clothing distributor? A fashion clothing distributor distributes the clothes for a margin of profit which motivates him/her.

How to become a distributor for fashion clothing business?

Fashion clothing has something to offer to everyone who has different preferences in colour, material, size, etc. according to age, sex, occupation, weight, body couture, height, etc. The below mentioned steps can help you become a fashion clothing distributor:

? Choose your role: The first step in becoming a fashion clothing distributor is choosing a role for yourself depending upon various factors. You can either become a wholesale fashion clothing distributor or retail fashion clothing distributor or both at the same time. Various factors shall be compared before taking this decision. For example volume of sales, margin, storage space, display of items required, money investment, benefits or returns expected, etc. Whether you want to deal in business to business of business to customer?s sale will also affect your decision. Once you establish yourself either as a wholesale or retail distributor, you can go for a forward of backward integration and add on the other once you accumulate enough profits.

? Choose a supplier: If you have chosen to become a wholesale distributor of fashion clothing, your suppliers can be fashion designers or manufacturing companies. If you have chosen to become retail fashion clothing distributor, your suppliers can be wholesale fashion clothing distributor or fashion designers or manufacturing companies. You can approach them and discuss your proposal with them. You can choose either one or a number of suppliers. The choice of the supplier will depend upon price quoted, quality of material, uniqueness in designs, order delivery time required, credit limit allowed, goodwill in the market, customer preferences, etc.

? Understand the cost involved and arrange funds: Like any other business, funds are required in the business of fashion clothing as well. Cost will be incurred in purchasing the material from the supplier, transportation, storage, packaging, getting orders, promotion, delivery, etc. You must estimate the fund requirements based on the credit period allowed by the suppliers and cost incurred on the above. These funds shall be arranged from a suitable source beforehand to avoid any glitches in the smooth running of the business.

? Select a suitable place for operation of business: The place of operation of the business impacts the profitability to a great extent. Thus choosing a suitable place for operation of business is indeed an important decision. You must consider factors like customer footfall, rent, security amount, period of lease agreement, competition prevailing in the market, ease of transportation, storage and delivery, etc. before choosing a suitable place of operation. You can also open the sales office in a good locality where customer footfall is high and the storage area in some other place where the rental is low.

? Complete the legal formalities: Once you have everything in place to start the business, you must not ignore the legal formalities and paper work required in the business. All bank related, accounts related and legal formalities shall be duly taken care off.

? Promote your business: Once you have an enough funds, an office space and a supplier and you hold a legal permit to be a distributor for fashion clothing business, put in your best effort to promote your business. Use every possible way to promote your business. You can distribute your business cards, attend meetings and fashion concerts, try to make good relations with people associated with the fashion clothing industry, etc.

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