How To Start Fashion Umbrellas Business?

Gone are those days when Umbrellas were just considered as an item used for protection from scorching sun, heavy rainfall or deep snow fall. Fashion umbrellas are now used as an add-on to the overall appearance of the individual carrying it. These days many people flaunt their designer fashion umbrellas. Fashion umbrellas come in various designs, colours and shapes. The popularity of designer fashion umbrellas is increasing day by day. Thus it is beneficial to enter into the business of fashion umbrellas and reap the benefits of it. Once you have decide to enter into the said business, all the further information on getting started with fashion umbrellas business can be accumulated from this guide.

Getting started with fashion umbrellas business

A fashion umbrella is has an arc shaped top and a J or I shaped handle like any other normal umbrella. However it is different from normal umbrellas in design, colours, material used, etc. In the business of fashion umbrellas, it is very essential to provide unique and innovative designs to the customers. The following points shall be considered while starting a fashion umbrellas business:

? Market research: The first and the foremost thing that shall be carried out before starting any business is the market research. The same is true for the business of fashion umbrellas. A thorough research about the number of competitors prevailing, their scale of operation, their brand value in the market, scope of a new entrant, price range at which products are sold, demand of fashion umbrellas in the market is necessary. You must access how well you fit in the competitive environment based on the research.

? Choose your core area of operation: You must read case studies of successful entrepreneurs in fashion umbrellas business gather as much information that is available on the internet about the business and talk to people who have been in the said business for some time. Based on the information you gather and your personal choice, decide on the suitable role. Once you have decided to enter into the said business, you must take a decision on exactly what your role will be:

? You can manufacture fashion umbrellas if you have a creative flair and sell to the wholesalers in bulk.
? You can become a distributor of fashion umbrellas and sell to small retailers.
? You can become a retailer and sell directly to the customer.
? You can choose to sell through a virtual office to the customers.
? You can explore franchisee options of existing businesses.
? You can choose in any combination of the above.

Your must not take a hasty decision as it is the foundation of your future in the said business. A well thought over and informed decision will be beneficial for success in the business in future.

? Develop a business plan: Once you have decided on your core area of operation, the next step is to develop a thorough business plan. Your business plan must include the forecasted revenues, forecasted expenses, forecasted profits, list of shortlisted suppliers of raw material, if any, payment terms, credit cycle, drafts of invoices, customers targeted, marketing and promotion strategy, amount of funds required, time line of requirement of funds, online and offline ways to promote the business, etc. The more effort you put into your business plan the better will be the outcome. It must be a comprehensive guide to solve all your queries that might arise during the start up stage.

? Arrange for funds: Arranging funds is one of the most crucial tasks. You need funds at every stage of your fashion umbrellas business. Based on your business plan, you must arrange for the requisite amount of funds. You can use your personal savings; approach near and dear ones; take a bank loan or overdraft or cash credit limit; take help of a venture capitalist; approach small business funding companies; etc.

? Complete the legal formalities: Paper work and formalities related to bank, accounting and legal work must be duly complied with. This will include business registration, sales license, tax ID, bank loan application, bank account opening, logo registration, etc.

? Choose a location to start the business: Choosing the place of operation is another important decision to be taken. The location determines the footfall of customers. You can also choose to operate from a virtual office.

? Create a website: A website is necessary for the online promotion of your business. You can buy web hosting and hire a professional web design company to get started with your new website. Your website must contain all the information about the range and variety of umbrellas available, contact details, price range, business information, benefits to customer if they choose to buy a fashion umbrella from you, etc. You can also offer to sell products online through your website.

? Promote your business everywhere: Once the legal work is over and your business website is ready you must start promoting your business everywhere. Distribute business cards, tell your friends and relatives, discuss your business in meetings, expos, etc.

? Take corrective decisions whenever required: Last but not the least, in the business of fashion umbrellas, it is necessary to learn from customer feedback. Do not miss even a single feedback if you really want to excel in the business.

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