How To Sell Bathroom Mirror?

Bathroom mirror is one product that is used in almost every household. The variation lies in the quality, size, shape and design of the mirror used in the bathrooms of different households. Bathroom mirrors not only serve the purpose and utility of a mirror, but they also add to and compliment the overall appearance of the bathroom. The demand for bathroom mirrors already exists in the market and the market of bathroom mirrors is vast. To sell bathroom mirrors is a challenge in the present scenario not because the demand is to be created but because of the cut throat competition that is prevailing in the market.

How to sell bathroom mirrors? Before answering this question, it is important to understand the variety and range of bathroom mirrors available in the market these days. Bathroom mirrors are available in different shapes and sizes in the market. These days the available range of bathroom mirrors includes hand painted bathroom wall mirror, decorative mirrors, bathroom vanity mirrors, double mirrors, frameless mirrors, magnifying mirror, wooden frame mirrors, illuminated bathroom mirrors, anti fog mirrors, contemporary mirrors, etc. and the available shapes of bathroom mirrors includes oval shape mirrors, curved mirror, circle shape mirrors, rectangular shape mirrors, heart shape mirrors, etc.

How to sell Bathroom Mirrors?

There is neck to neck competition in the business of selling bathroom mirrors. The below mentioned points throw light on various online and offline strategies to answer this question ?how to sell bathroom mirrors?? Each strategy is different in terms of cost involved, reach and result expected. The choice of a suitable strategy will differ from case to case.

Offline Marketing- Following offline marketing methods can be used to enhance sale of bathroom mirrors:

? Offer customized designs of bathroom mirrors: The business owner can offer customized designs and shapes of home bathroom mirrors to the customers. The satisfaction level of customers will be high if they get the best suited design of bathroom mirrors for their bathroom, which can add a fresh look to their bathroom.

? Tie up with hotels and malls: One can approach big hotel chains and malls for getting bulk orders for bathroom mirrors and offer them competitive prices. The profits in this case will increase because of the quantity of sale and not margin. This will help in repeat orders and referrals as well.

? Promotional offers and Schemes: To sell home bathroom mirrors, one can come up with various promotional offers and schemes e.g. one soap dish free on every purchase of bathroom mirror, pocket mirror free on every purchase of bathroom mirror, etc. To enhance the sale of bathroom mirrors, contests and lucky draws can also be conducted.

? Offering discounts: Offering discounts is another way to attract new customers for buying bathroom mirrors.

? Offer fresh and innovative designs: Who does not want a unique product? Customers will be attracted if they get creative, innovative and fresh designs of bathroom mirrors. Offering unique designs can definitely enhance the sale of bathroom mirrors.

? Offer free home delivery service: Free home delivery will be an additional factor that the customers might consider before making a purchase of the delicate bathroom mirror. If this service is offered at a nominal cost of free of charge, it will definitely enhance the sale of bathroom mirrors.

? Advertisements in print media: Placing an advertisement in newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, directories, etc. can also be another good option to increase sale of bathroom mirrors. Few pictures of the range and variety of mirrors available can be printed in the advertisement along with the product price to make an impression in the mind of the reader.

? Advertisement in visual media: Putting up an advertisement in television can also be weighed as an option for enhancing sale of bathroom mirrors.

Online Marketing: Following online marketing methods can be used to enhance sale of bathroom mirrors:

? Develop a website: Most people use the internet for solving almost all their queries. People search the internet for locating the nearby stores for shopping different products. In this net savvy world, it will be a good decision if the business owner develops a website to enhance the sale of bathroom mirrors. The website can showcase the range and variety of bathroom mirrors available and the price information of various mirrors as well. Developing a website will also be beneficial in increasing the brand recognition.

? Listing in online directories: Various online directories are used by people to locate nearby shops for shopping various household items. The business owner can get registered in these directories and enjoy the benefits in terms of getting new customers.

? Push e-mails for repeat orders: It is very important to maintain a database of existing customers. E-mails mentioning the latest schemes and offers can be dropped to this database of existing customers to get repeat orders.

? Offer online buying of bathroom mirrors: Once the website is developed, it will be an additional advantage if the business owner offers to sell bathroom mirrors online. The payment in this case can be accepted online and delivery is made to the customer within a predefined specified time frame.

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