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Business marketing is a practice that is conducted by the individuals, or organizations of business which includes the business which is commercially established, the government bodies and the various institutions. It facilitates the sale of their products and services to the companies which are owned by other business groups and which resell them. These businesses can also use them as components in the products and services that are to be offered. These businesses can also use them in order to support their operations. This is called as aspects of marketing in the industry or simply, industrial marketing. Business marketing is also known as the business to business or just B2B marketing, in the short term sense. Note that when it comes to marketing the entities of the various Government bodies, it is called as Business to Government marketing or simply B2G marketing. In this article to follow, we shall explore the various aspects of marketing your business on the international scale and how to get successful in your business to be established worldwide.

The origins of marketing business internationally

When it comes to broadcasting, the practice which involves one business owner who does business with another business owner is as old as the commerce itself. International marketing is however, a new thing which is in the business. The only markets those are not of direct interest are the ones which are directed principally at the use of goods and products at a personal level like the sale of packaged grocery products, appliances used at home on a daily basis, or banking for consumers etc. The factors which distinguish business marketing done at the international level are the very nature of how the customers of the business use this product and the nature of the business customers themselves.

Who is the customer for a B2B market?

It can be noted that the business customers on an international level are classified broadly into four categories. They are the companies those consume the products or goods and services, the various agencies of the government bodies, the institutions and the businesses established for reselling purposes.

The businesses under the first category are the manufacturers of the original equipment?s, such as the ones who make spare parts for the autos, who buy gauges from different vendors so that they can put them in their cars, and the business companies which have some requirements and who manufacture the products so that they can satisfy their own demands. If we see the statistics on an international level, a good example of such a business will be that of the Unites States Government who suffice their own countries? demands by spending as large chunk of money as 300 billion dollars on a global scale for manufacturing purposes. The resellers of the businesses include the ones who sell products on a wholesale basis, brokers and the distributors of the products on an industrial basis.

Differences between B2B and B2C

So what is the difference we can remember for the B2C and the B2B types of businesses on the international scale? The business which involves a B2C sale is to an individual. The individual who is on the verge of cracking a sale and being a customer of a business is influenced by other sets of people. These include the members of his family, his friends, but if we see with close attention, it is the single person who has to pull out his wallet. On the other hand, a B2B sale is to an organization. It is not a simple distinction that we have made here owing to the number of complications? web that tells us something different because of the structure of the organization. The marketing mix includes a bit of juggling between the B2B type which includes the complexity if the products produced for the business purposes and the related services, the nature and the diversity of demand that is in store and the nature of sales which keeps on being different. It is the same scenario when it comes to finding a few customers for the sale of large volume of products to be sold. These are the important subtleties to the sales which are made on a business to business basis.

International marketing strategies for business

B2B branding

There are some crucial factors that determine the difference between the B2B and the B2C Branding types which also has the need to align the corporate brands. Then there are these divisional brands and brands for the products and services to apply your standards of branding to. There is a need to resort to methods that are very informal, such as the emails, and the other forms of electronics correspondence. It is at a very large scale when it comes to having differences with the B2C.

Products and services

The business owners are dependent on the value such that it should drive the investors on the international scale to become the shareholders of the business. Because of this, the saving of costs and production of revenue is given more emphasis. These are the stages of the cycles related to marketing and the products? development.

Potential market

It is generally seen that the market that serves the business with its potential customers and clients is very small and has demands such that they are specialized and restricted to the needs of a specific industry. The marketers should develop a good sense of well organized and unmatchable business intelligence in order to increase the rates in response to the marketing strategies. The size of the market that is targeted should not be taken into regard. Instead focus should primarily be based on decision for organizational purchase and the dynamics that is related to it. The consumer market differs in dramatic sense from the terms of how the value is made from what is to be bought from you. There may be many persons and bodies which lend an influence on the decisions that is made for purchase which is also to be taken into consideration from a marketing point of view. It is to be noted that these are not the members those belong to the unit involved in making the decisions.


It is the trend that the business market is more convincible in paying the required prices to a minimum extent in comparison to the consumer market. This is possible provided that you know how to make a good structure of your pricing and the payment plans. This premium for price is achievable particularly if you try to adhere it to a brand that us recognized all over the world.


Planning for business promotions is easy when you are aware that you know the media and their business offers in a proper manner. You should also be aware of your customer base and their habits related to asking for new offers and promotions and their decision making manners. There should be conducting of specific shows of trade, publications and advertisements related to the same, and the outlets for retails and wholesales which are common to each of the industry and their products of specialization. The promotion plan writes itself which also depends upon the budget for your business. This is possible once you have that special skill needed to figure out the industry you belong to. The techniques that are used for production rely heavily on the communications that are used for marketing your business on an international scale.

Communications methodologies that are used for B2B marketing

The purpose that the B2B marketing is used belongs to the support of the sales of the organization and improves the bottom line viz. profit of the business owner. The marketing strategies used for B2B include mainly advertising, relations with other businesses, mails in the direct form, support in the favor of trade, collateral of sales, and the services that are interactive which include services like designing of the websites and optimization of the search engines. The association for business market is the one which caters the needs of the professionals related to the B2B marketing. It provides various services like certification programs, services related to the research, industry awards, conferences held at an international level etc.

Building of the plan for campaigning

You need to build a plan for campaigning your business promotions that is quite comprehensive which needs to be built upfront so that you can target your resources where it is your belief that the best in the business can be delivered by them. This includes return on the investments that are made. You need to make sure that you have the entire infrastructure that is required in place to support the various stages those are involved in the marketing process. That does not just include the development the lead for marketing but also the entire business organization should be given the relevant training to handle the inquiries in an appropriate manner.

Thus, in this article we have explored the various marketing strategies those are required to market your business on an international level.

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