Guide To Small Business Team Building


It is very important to work together in a group and finish your activities as a team to achieve a common goal to attain success. People in every workplace talk a lot about a team. They talk about how to build a team, how to nurture it, how to maintain relations and bond with each other. But perhaps a few people have the capability of developing a strong team which is an affective one. You work in a team and contribute to the overall success of the organization. The results are shared between various groups of members that have the same success story. In a company, not only people from a particular area of expertise have to work together, but different skill sets? people have to work as an effective team. In this article we explore the various techniques of building an affective team and contribute to the success of the organization.

In an environment which is team oriented, your contribution matters. Your contribution is contribution to the success of the organization that you are working for. You have to work with your colleagues, team members, and supervisors etc. in a team to accomplish a task within the specified deadline. Your role is restricted to a predefined and assigned job function and your role is with a specific department that you are allotted to as a resource. Given this, you are bound to all the employees in your organization so that you all can work together and meet the deadline to complete a task within the duration of the project. It is the bigger picture that we here are looking at and it drives your action. It can be said that your function exists in the company you are working for so that you can serve the bigger picture well and good.

Your role in your project is to be differentiated as an overall sense of team work and team building skills. It is very important to develop a team that works effectively and is intact towards its focus of accomplishing a certain goal. That is why perhaps the managers in the huge corporations believe in keeping seminars on team building, meeting to discuss the company strategies, retreats and certain activities which can deem failures by the ones taking part in it. Leaders failed to define and analyze the team and its aspects those are to be built in from within to strengthen the sense of team work. The team should be built such that it is focused towards work when you have considerations for team building approaches.

In the next section, we shall develop some of the key points that are essential towards the topic of this article. They are defined below:

Clear your expectations from the team

It is very important for the executive leader to communicate his expectations in a simple and clear form with a predefined goal and a path leading to achieve that goal. The outcomes of the team members? work should be clearly mentioned and explained in detail. It is very important that you being the leader of the team explain to you fellow team members as to why the creation of team was made. This will give an idea of what outcome to achieve. The organization for which the team is created should demonstrate the constancy of the purpose and should support and motivate the team with the resources that they have viz. time, money and other people. The importance of deadline and the way to complete your actions before it arrives should be prioritized in first place. There should be certain amount of priority that should be allocated to time, discussion, interest and the attention that should be given a proper direction by the executives that lead the team work force.


It is very important on the team members? part that they understand what role is expected out of them in a team and what are the common and the uncommon objectives that are to be attained by the medium of working in a team. It is very important to be upfront in understanding the strategy of using the teams that shall prove to be successful for the given organization. The business goals are after all attained by communicating its importance and motive of existence to the existing team members. The team members should be upfront and willing to participate in the accomplishment towards the goals of the corporate. The team members should understand their role and how it fits into the total context and purpose of the goals if the organization that they are working with along with their defined principles values and vision those is defined in advance by the management.


Commitment is a very important factor that drives the success and prosperity of a business of the organization due to its employees. Employees should be willing to be participative in nature and should be ready to take one for the team as and when required. The team members should not take the mission statement of the team lightly in whatever way possible. The team members should serve an utmost commitment towards accomplishing the mission statement of the team produce the expected outcomes on a regular basis. The employees should have such a perception that they feel their service is important to the team and should take a project as an opportunity to develop their own career goals. The team members obviously expect an appraisal and appreciation for the kind and the amount of service that is provided by them. In fact, it?s their only anticipation and motivations. The team members can expect the growth in their career profiles and the level of their skills owing to the effort that they put in a team to understand and work together for a process. The team members should start their each day with excitement and a feeling of being challenged by the opportunity while working together in a team.


It is very important that the role distribution is even for a project. The amount of people allotted to a project along with their project managers should be appropriate and matched to the role that is defined. Each step of the process should be such that it should be represented on a team. Knowledge, relevant skills and the capability to finish the given task and deliver the throughput are the key areas to concentrate on.


The team should be responsible for their own actions and not blame it on to the others. Every mission should be designated by self-goals. The outcomes of the team should be anticipated and contributions should be built upon. The deadlines of the project should be given due consideration and the deadline must be met in whatsoever form to maintain the reputation in front of the client. The leadership hierarchy should be such that the coordinating group should support and acknowledge the design that the team has built from time to time. Feedback should be given on a regular basis.


The team should understand the assigned task and the process allocated to them. The team should understand how the life cycle of a particular development goes through various stages and should meet them beforehand. The team should be transparent to understand what the supervision and all the monitoring of their work is for and should welcome feedback in any form. There should be a display of excellent interpersonal skills and ability to finish the assigned task. The team should be developed for problem solving techniques as and when the problems arrive. The teams should be willing and proactive in resolving the conflict that arises between them on a regular basis. On then the team can clear and sort out their difference and work towards a common goal. The team should develop and use an appropriate strategy to accomplish its plan of action.


The team members should be given instructions about the priority of their tasks. There should be a method where the team members can drop in their feedback and their grievances on their role or the conflicts with the other team members. The organizations should not fail to provide effective business communication and information from time to time. The teams should be able to receive honest and unbiased feedback on how they are performing in the organization.

Creative Innovation

The organization should be ready and willing to accept any change. They should hear about their improvements and should device ways to work upon the same. It should encourage creative thinking. After all, we know how innovation leads to a benchmark in the industry and suffice the norms. The organization should motivate the creative thinking and unique solutions and also new ideas with an open heart. It should reward the people who show some sense of responsibility towards team building skills and motivate them to come up with their own way of working. The organization should provide training on a regular basis along with entertainment like access to books, films and TV during their employees? breaks.

Thus, we have seen the various ways towards team building and defined team building strategies.

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Disclaimer: The suggestions in the article(wherever applicable) are for informational purposes only. They are not intended as medical or any other type of advice