Guide To Employee Management In Your Business


When your business grows and expands, you need someone to lend a hand at your work. A business owner being a human being cannot load himself with all the work. It is impossible to manage every aspect of a work or a project by a single human being. Hence, you being a business owner hire someone to complete your work on time as employees. You have to pay the employees for their services and offer them other benefits such as travel incentives, health insurances etc. In the article to follow, we shall explore the various aspects of employee management and how it is usually implemented by business owners in corporations.

Rewards and promotions for your employees

It is very important to retain talent for a business to grow and success. You need to appreciate your employees? performance and reward them accordingly. Let the employees own a part of the company by providing them with the stock options. Give out regular bonuses when the company makes a certain benchmark profit. Sponsor their trip. Give those breaks and playtime activities on time. Let the employees have their own options in choosing the rewards of their own choice. This can be done by providing employees from catalogs to choose the reward of their interest from.

Manage younger generation

Differences amongst generations have traditionally been the part of the society. You should encourage your workplace to be generationally diverse. Have a word with the employees who are younger in experience and low on expertise. Establish your own benchmark, deadlines etc. but let them have the freedom of working their own way out. Ensure some flexibility and openness be it now or in the future. Do not succumb to stereotyping. Let there be open space between you and employees not belonging to your generation. Appreciate the fact that when times change, the ideas and the ideologies face a change.

Tracking of work progress and attendance

With the booming of the IT industry, various time and attendance tracking mechanisms have made their way into the market. These solutions are web as well as PC based. Keep more accurate records of the attendance of your employees and in a much better way. Do not let your employees steal time and pass time without work. Over reporting of work as well as punching of employee time cards by their colleagues should be monitored and punished accordingly. If need arises, install employee specific access systems in your office like fingerprint readers.

Check employee discipline

Do not fire an employee for not behaving according to company policies. This will create an unpleasant work atmosphere and spread unpleasantness amongst all others. Do not let problems with discipline of employees affect with your morale and success. Make sure your employees are clear of your expectations. Provoke two way communications. Employ persons to enforce disciplinary actions. Send our memo to the ones not adhering to oral warnings. Suspend your employees so that they are out of pay for a stipulated amount of time. Document steps taken for disciplinary actions. Employee probation period is very important. This gives an employee a chance to change.

Business communication skills matter

Employees envy the team building skill exercises. There is no outlet for information to circulate when there are barriers to communicate. There should be a free flow of information. Communication skills if not mastered from birth should be inculcated as a learned skill. There should be effective training modules. There should be deployment of communications via electronic media in the workplace. The employee communication should be consistent and uninterruptable. There should be a two way communication skills irrespective of the hierarchy. Communications consultants and their expertise perhaps can come to the rescue.

Evaluation of your employees

One thing is certain; the contribution of an employee to the project is an asset as it affects the company?s goal, vision etc. It is very necessary to deploy appropriate evaluation methodologies in your company. Consistent and objective evaluations should be promoted. There should be a consistency in the reviews of the employees? work. It is essential to boost the morale of the employee and the manager being the leader of the workforce should participate in the review process. Outsource solutions of your evaluation systems to develop web-based track record system. Consult your appraisal authority on evaluation of employees and how to reward them.

Gifts and rewards for recognition of employees

These will work as motivators. The power of gifts and rewards is such that it not only motivates the employee who receives it, but also makes the other employees competitive. Employees become loyal to the companies. They promote satisfaction on a personal level. Lend out free food and drinks coupons. Let the employees choose from a set of rewards? scheme. Shopping vouchers and hampers can be useful. A useful tip; use employee gifts or at the maximum, go for gift certificates for rewards purposes. No not lend your employees with cash as gift.

Health care and how to administer it

Base your solutions of hospital management on administration software. Patient scheduling can be simplified with the proper usage of medical practice management systems. Offer to claims of filing insurances electronically. Claims processing and payments can be sped up using medical billing software. Start considering career in health care administration seriously. This is because it is projected that there shall be rapid increase in the employment opportunities in this sector. Figure out which program suits you the best. Consider from a list of master programs which is available electronically online.

How to hire and manage your employees to start fresh with

People hired by a business owner can make or destroy the pillars of the business of done without proper care and effect. Your business will cease from running the way you want that is, smoothly and without any hindrances. The tasks will end up being not completed in time. Hence it is very much essential to take a proper set of precautions. Write everything about the job or at least as much as possible when you advertise the role. Choosing of the media to display your ads should be done with care and wisely since they can be very expensive. Take into consideration the candidates who have the best of the educational qualification. Set up interviews with academically strong candidates. It is important to pay heed to their character and behavior in the past companies. Hence ask for references and check them thoroughly.

HR trends

Small businesses always face the challenges of hiring and retention of the best professionals in the market. Web is the best tool for any kind of business ? big or small. Some employees seek up a job change to get rid of monotonous work that they have been doing. In case you come across a candidate of your interest like that, make sure you do either three of the things: check the social networking sites? profiles of the interviewee, mine the required data though active participation forums and blogs related to a specific industry. View association membership logs and conclude your choice. Conflicts amongst your employees - how to manage them?

It is very importance to have a quiet workplace without constant fights and feeling of insecurity and grudges amongst your employees. It is the role of a good manager to keep the team members? conflicts to a minimum in case he is not able to resolve them. Prevention is better than cure; the proverb fits in well over here. Do not let your employees to take up a lot of stress at work. You should be motivating enough to ensure productive work from your team members on almost all the days. Retain the best professionals; they are an asset to your company and a factor of destruction for your competitor. Create a team environment and inculcate values amongst them.

Managing downsizes of employees during no project periods

The bottom line of a business is its purpose of existence. Hence protection to it is absolutely necessary. Sometimes situations arise where employees face layoffs when you have no other option but hand over pink slips to them. Downsizing should be handled with utmost care. Prepare in advance for the situation where there may be downsizing involved. Provide assistance for searching jobs for your employees who are victims of your downsize. Provide remaining employees in your business with motivation and support morally. Explain to them how the workload will be distributed amongst the existing employees. Make the downsizing decisions legally and provide necessary benefits.

Preventing theft

Statistics reveal that as high as 30% of employees engage in theft in offices. Prevention of this is necessary as it can cut down inventory costs, increase profit margins, reduce the turnover amongst employees, increase productivity for your business etc. Identify the signs pertaining to thefts. Review procedures that determine point of sale. Do not overburden your warehouse with the extra and the useless stuff that either you don?t need or you are not going to use for a long time.

Thus, in this article, we have explored various steps that are key and essential towards management of your employees. Use them wisely in order to ensure a smooth workflow and transparent communications.

How compromise agreements can safeguard your business?

Running a business, whether large or small, is a difficult task. With many businesses focusing on staying afloat during these difficult financial times, ensuring your workforce is happy and productive can be tough. Ensuring you can continue to employ your workforce is also a growing problem for many businesses. Hour cuts and redundancies are becoming more and more prevalent and businesses may find themselves faced with legal action against them if an employee feels they are being treated unfairly. It is due to the rising number of redundancies, grievances and breakdowns between employers and employees, that compromise agreements are becoming more and more popular.

What is a compromise agreement?

A compromise agreement is an agreement made between an employee and their employer, outlining the employee?s exit terms from their place of work. It can take place during or following the termination of employment. It is legally binding, so once each party as signed the document, the employee?s contract is legally terminated. In most cases, a compromise agreement will provide for a severance payment, and the employee will agree not to make any claim or grievance in an employment tribunal. An employee must take legal advice from employment solicitors for the compromise agreement to be valid and usually the employer will cover the cost of this. It is essential to compare solicitors in order to find someone who you feel comfortable with and who is appropriately experienced in dealing with compromise agreements.

Why would a business use a compromise agreement?

There are a number of circumstances when a business would opt for a compromise agreement. The main reason is usually so they can safeguard themselves against - or avoid - potential future legal action from an employee. Other reasons may be when a current contract doesn't protect them sufficiently; maybe a breakdown of communication between the employer and employee has occurred or a member of staff needs to be made redundant. A CIPD survey found that the main reason businesses are using compromise agreements is to fire an employee on the grounds of poor performance or misconduct, with this accounting for 38.95 per cent of cases.

Other examples were for employees who challenge redundancy situations and needing to fire senior members of staff, according to the Guardian. Cases like this can often cause chaos for businesses, costing thousands of pounds in legal battles and embarrassment if news gets into press. So using a compromise agreement is a good way for businesses to ensure they do not face such ugliness. Presuming both parties, employee and employer, agree to the terms of the agreement, then both can end the employment happy and without fear of future repercussions.

It is not only businesses who are favouring the use of compromise agreements to safeguard their businesses; the government is also expected to encourage their use in future. So if you or your business are facing a tricky situation with employment, opting for a compromise agreement may be the safest and cheapest option available to you.

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