What Are The Items Involved In Exercise Equipment Business?

There are a great variety of items involved in the exercise equipment business. When setting up a fitness equipment business, there are many things to decide. Such as, what type of equipment will you be selling? Fitness equipment is a term that encompasses a great deal of merchandise.

For example, a commercial gym is full of exercise machines. When you step inside, you see all the free weight ?machines? and the assisted fitness equipment. There are benches, ab balls, mats, medicine balls, dumbbells, barbells and the cardiovascular equipment. Cardio equipment encompasses treadmills, recumbent bikes, upright cycles, elliptical trainers, stair climbers, and even combinations of these, like stair climber and elliptical trainer hybrids. Another form of cardio equipment is spinner bike, which is a special stationary bike for cycling classes. These bikes cost more than a typical stationary bike, and are not normally used on a gym?s cardio floor, only in their special classes designed specifically for these bikes. However, home gym owners to purchase these as well, as they come with DVDs specially designed for the home exerciser.

The price range for exercise equipment is quite broad. Some pieces start at below ten dollars and continue up into the thousands. Home gym systems, sometimes referred to as all-in-ones, can cost of up to ten thousand dollars, depending up on the brand and the additional pieces purchased with the system. A home gym system such as this offers the home user everything they need as far as strength training goes. It incorporates many, if not all, of the weight lifting stations one would use at a commercial gym.

Exercise equipment also encompasses home exercise DVDs and the equipment these home exercisers utilize?like body bars, aerobics steps or benches, Bosu balls, mini trampolines, weighted gloves, resistance bands, resistance balls, medicine balls, smaller core balls and fitness or yoga mats. Specialized exercise equipment, like Pilates equipment, includes Pilates rings, bands and weights. Yoga equipment includes Yoga mats, blocks and straps.

Dumbbells and barbells are also pieces of exercise equipment that are big sellers. Dumbbells come in all sizes, and you can now purchase (and sell) adjustable dumbbells. These are very popular, as they take up less space, are easy to adjust, and go up to larger increments than the standard dumbbells you can purchase singularly.

Barbells are also adjustable, as you can purchase and sell a large variety of additional weight plates. Users can continually increase their weight load by purchasing new weights. You must also purchase the bar and the butterfly clips to attach to the bar, to keep weight plates safely in place. Weight belts, straps and gloves are also frequently sold with barbells, to assist lifters and keep their workout safe and stable.

Another item in the free weight category is the kettlebell. It, too, comes in a variety of weights and can be purchased in neoprene coverings and adjustable versions. The kettlebell is not a new form of exercise equipment. It has literally been around for hundreds of years, but has only recently come back into vogue. There are also DVDs and books that accompany kettlebells to teach the user how to use them.

In the gym, the amazing variety of equipment includes Smith machines, ab benches, Gravitrons, inversion tables, ab and low back machines, Roman chairs, the pec deck, the leg extension, the leg press, the seated row, and cable pulleys. The cable pulleys are attached to a larger machine and are for commercial gym use only. These cables are used for a variety of exercises?anything from an ab twist to a triceps pull down. There are also lat pull down machines, thigh adduction and abduction machines, glute press machines, seated calf machines or standing calf raise stations, and the squat rack.

Another new line of fitness equipment is the TRX. TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise, and it is suspension training. The systems are affordable and many gyms and studios are now using them in classes and on the free weight floor. These are also sold for home use. Other things that are popping up more and more on fitness floors are things like hurdles and tires, for boot camp classes and personal trainer usage.

Other ?basic? fitness equipment includes balls for sports like baseball, softball, basketball and football. The accompanying equipment can also be sold in your exercise equipment business?baseball bats, basketball hoops, and even baseball gloves. In addition, the sport of golf offers a wide variety of equipment. There are golf bags, golf balls, golf clubs, tees, towels and of course, cleats. All sports have a sports-specific shoe that accompanies them, and these might be another idea to help expand your fitness equipment business.

Additionally, heart rate monitors are another piece of equipment that most athletes and fitness enthusiasts utilize in their daily workouts. There are a wide variety of these as well. There are heart rate monitors that come in the form of watches, heart rate monitors that use straps or are strapless, and heart rate monitors that affix to bikes or other cardio equipment.

Also, software for stationary bikes, treadmills and elliptical trainers is becoming more and more popular. The software allows user to mix up their workout routes. The software downloads to a P.C. and then interacts with the cardio equipment?s hardware. This allows users to record workout data and to have a new course each and every day. Users can input their own courses, or allow the computer to program new ones for them.

All these items fall into the category ?exercise equipment? and can be added to your current catalog, or to your new exercise equipment business.

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