Finding The Right Location For Your Body Building And Fitness Business

One of the first decisions you must make when setting out to start your own body building business is settling on a location. Location can make or break you. After all, the saying is, ?Location, location, location? for a reason. There are some handy tips and pointers for helping you make this decision, and here are a few of them:

The first tip is to look around you. Where do you currently see body building studios or commercial fitness gyms? Those are not prime spots to start your new business. If there are already established studios or gyms in the area, the likelihood of your bringing in enough new clients to be profitable is negligible. Most people are loyal to their current gym or body building studio for a variety of reasons: a) most people are lazy in these dealings, and it is easier for them to stay where they are already members than it is to transfer from one place to another, b) they simply like their current gym or studio, and c) they are stuck in a long-term contract and cannot transfer, even if they really want to, without penalty. So, if you see flourishing, established fitness centers, gyms or studios, you need to look elsewhere.

A great way to find a location is to look at newly developed areas of town. Many cities are going through the process of developing areas of town that were previously uninhabited?such as old warehouse districts or previously unincorporated areas. These are up and coming neighborhoods and will quickly attract businesses and condominium and apartment complexes, as land is typically cheaper in these areas, especially in the current economy. You will find great leasing opportunities, in brand new storefronts, at low prices.

Another benefit to starting your new body building business in a brand new area of town is that you will get the jump on your competition. When new residents move in, they are typically moving from other areas of town, or from other towns, and will need a new fitness gym or studio to call home. That is where you come in. The convenience of having you right there at home will have them knocking on your door.

If this is not an option, you need to look around town and find where other studios and gyms are located. Cross those areas off your list. Next, look at the neighborhoods where there are no body building studios or gyms. Research these. Do they have space for lease? Is the available space one that is big enough to house your equipment and accommodate your members? Is the space near other businesses that you could feed upon, such as juice bars, trendy cafes, tanning salons or even coffee houses? Looking at their clientele will tell you what you need to know about the area. If these businesses cater to fit adults, then you are in the right place. If the surrounding businesses are all greasy fast food places or retirement homes, you are most likely in need of moving on.

You want your new body building gym or fitness center to see foot traffic, and to be noticed as it is built or renovated. Word of mouth is a great source of new business, and putting up banners in your new space to alert the masses that you are on your way is one way to have clients lining up when you have your grand opening. If there are no potential clients on your sidewalk on the days leading up to your opening, you are not in the right area.

Another important thing to look at is parking space. If your new location does not have adequate parking space, the clients will not join. If they cannot park their cars, how will they ever be able to work out? However, if you are in a location where there are a lot of condos, apartments or nearby townhomes, the foot traffic may be enough to keep you in business. In major cities where public transportation is the norm, you will not have to worry about parking access.

In this case, if you are opening your business in a large city that relies heavily on public transportation, it is a good idea to be near a stop, such as a bus stop or subway station. You want to make it as easy as you possibly can for your clients and potential clients to reach you.

Additionally, if you live in the suburbs but are not that far from a larger city, it is a good idea to look at locations in the city, versus the suburbs. Most people that live in the suburbs travel to the city to work, and often would rather exercise at the end of a long work day, rather than returning home and then hitting the gym. Of course, if the suburb you live in does not even offer a commercial gym or body building studio, then you would initially have the only game in town. Everyone would be excited to sign up with you, as they have most likely been waiting for a facility to open up. Even those who work in the city would probably visit you, if only on weekends. Stay at home moms who want to work out would finally be able to workout at a gym, and would be regular clients.

No matter where you are, there is a perfect location out there for your body building business. You just have to do the research to find it.

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