Tips For Providing Customer Satisfaction In The Fitness Business

When basing your livelihood on an industry that is based solely on your interactions with clients, it is important to provide excellent customer service to each and every client. Word of mouth can make or break you. If you provide your clients with a great experience, they will tell their friends, family and coworkers, who have the potential to become your new clients.

The best tips for making your clients happy, and providing excellent customer satisfaction, are really very simple. If you listen to your clients and find out what they want, it is easy to work with them and help them to achieve their goals. A satisfied client is a client that will keep referring their friends to you, and a satisfied client is one that will be a repeat customer if ever they need more training (if they fall off the wagon, stop working out, and gain weight back).

Initially, you must talk to your clients and find out exactly what it is they want out of their workouts. What are the long term goals? What is the big picture for them? Have an in-depth conversation and really look at what their motivations are. Why are they in your office? Why are they meeting with you? What brought them to you? If you can find out their true motivations, you can find a way to make it happen. If you do not find out what really motivates them and what they want out of their program, you may not hit the mark. Helping them lose five pounds when in the end, they wanted to become healthier and find more self-confidence, would not have been enough. They will leave your program looking better, but that does not necessarily mean they have met their goals.

Making sure your clients are satisfied is the most important thing to your business. Other ways to give your clients complete satisfaction is to continually keep up with fitness education. Knowing what is new in the industry, including the schools of thought on new exercise techniques and theories, will keep your clients happy, as they will be getting the best you can provide them. Often, new ideas in exercise and fitness are tested and found to be effective. Making sure your clients are treated to the newest ideas and techniques is essential to keeping them.

When trainers keep themselves educated, they keep their clients as fit as possible. New schools of thought on exercise intensity and duration now say that short, intense bursts of cardio burn more calories than long, steady state workouts. If you were not keeping abreast of this information, your clients might hear that other trainers use these techniques with great results, while you have them performing the same old tired workouts, seeing fewer results. Your clients would not be happy with you, and might seek to change personal trainers. For this reason, as well as many others, it is important to stay current with fitness related knowledge and education. It will keep you in the know, and your clients happy and satisfied.

Promotions are always a great way to keep clients satisfied and to draw in new clients as well. Surprise your long term clients with free sessions. Once in a while, allow your clients to bring friends along to train with them for free. This will, again, open you up to potential new business while making your clients happy. Other things that keep clients happy at training sessions are sharing new tips and advice with them, as well as providing them with samples of things like nutrition bars and shakes.

Offer specials to brand new clients, such as a free session with three paid sessions. Or, a fifty dollar discount on a package of sessions. Dropping flyers off at local health and nutrition shops, juice bars, and doctors? offices is a great way to attract new business. The flyers should include coupons or incentives. These are great initial ways to satisfy your clients.

Another way to provide excellent customer satisfaction is to be available to your clients whenever they need you. It is important to remember that the fitness industry, and more specifically the personal training business, is client driven. You must be available when the clients are off work?for example, before and after work or on weekends. Clients? availability may be inconvenient for you, as you have to work early morning hours and late evening hours, but to keep clients happy and to make money, you must be available at these times. Being available at these times ensures a more profitable business for you and clients that are continually happy.

Not cancelling appointments is a very important business strategy as well. Never cancel an appointment if you can help it. It makes you look bad and leaves clients unhappy. They may be unhappy enough to go elsewhere, so make sure to keep that in mind. You need to make sure you schedule your personal appointments and errands at times when your clients are at work, so as to never have to inconvenience the clientele. If clients are always able to reach you, via email or phone, they will also be happier. If they have questions or concerns, being able to ask you and get a timely response is important. This makes clients happy and lets them know they are important to you. Every client needs to feel like your only client. Make them feel respected and valued and they will be happy!

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