How To Sell Heart Rate Monitors In The Fitness Equipment Business

Heart rate monitors are a popular gadget in today?s fitness arena. Fitness enthusiasts and those training for marathons, 5Ks or triathlons all need to keep track of their heart rates in order to exercise efficiently. Those who wish to burn the most calories possible need to stay in the appropriate zone, so they need to always know where their heart rate is. Heart rate monitors make this possible. Training with a heart rate monitor is the best way exercisers can increase fitness gains and improve their workouts.

Since they are such a popular piece of fitness equipment, it is easy to incorporate them in your fitness equipment sales. If you have a retail store, they are a relatively inexpensive item for shoppers to add on to their purchase. Most heart rate monitors run anywhere from twelve dollars to over two hundred dollars. They come in a couple of different versions, too. You can find heart rate monitors that you wear on your wrist which corresponds to a strap you wear around your chest. There are strapless heart rate monitors, monitors that go on your bike (these also track distance), and even GPS watch heart rate monitors (which may be a bit more pricey as they also work as a GPS while you are out on your run).

If you do have a retail store for your fitness business, it is a good idea to highlight heart rate monitors and add signage to your displays that let customers know just how helpful a heart rate monitor can be in achieving their fitness goals. Cutting out articles from fitness magazines which tout the benefits of heart rate monitors and then laminating them to post on your display is a great idea and one that will interest your customers and give them the little added push they need to purchase.

As a retail shop owner, you can talk to local gyms and fitness centers and ask them to pass out flyers for your shop. Offer members a discount if they bring in their membership IDs. Work with gyms to sell your heart rate monitors in their fitness shops, giving the gym owners a percentage of the profits.

If, on the other hand, you are just interested in selling heart rate monitors on their own, a great place to do this is on the internet. You can create your own online shop, complete with a website and blog. Online, your overhead is much less than if you were to have a physical store and you don?t have to have a backroom. You can ship from a centralized location. Online, you can offer bigger discounts than you could in a store, and you can advertise on other fitness related web sites.

If you know someone who has a fitness related business, trade ad space with them, or Google and find related web pages and contact those page owners. It is always beneficial to have free advertising, and if you can help someone else with this, they will usually reciprocate and advertise for you.

Also on your website, it is nice to set up a chat area, where customers or potential clients can blog about heart rate monitors or ask questions in a chat format. If you do not want to offer that on your own webpage, it is a good idea to search the internet and find forums where you can write posts about heart rate monitors, and include your website in your signature. There are many forums on exercise, so this is a easy, quick, free way to advertise your heart rate monitor business.

While searching, you should also look to find blogs that allow guest posts, contact the blog owners to see if your blog post would be welcome. Often you can find blogs about running or other cardiovascular sports that would welcome information about how heart rate monitors improve workouts and increase results.

Another free and easy way to advertise today is through social networking sites. These sites allow businesses to set up a page to attract other network users. Once these users visit your page, they can read all about your business. Set up your page with information on heart rate monitors, discount codes they can use on their first orders, any promotion information that you might be running, and of course, a link to your website. You can expect to generate a lot of traffic this way. The social network sites also offer low cost targeted advertising. So, once you set this up, when users of the social network site type in key words, they will see your ads on their side bars. This will encourage them to visit your social networking page, and then they can move from there to your website.

One other trick you can use if you are an online retailer is to hire individuals to actually go to fitness centers and gyms to sell heart rate monitors. Provide these salespeople with heart rate monitors and the authorization to offer low prices to clubs and fitness centers. Club owners and managers will appreciate the deal and will be able to sell them to their members. You make a profit, and the club owners make a profit. Another way to sell heart rate monitors, whether you are an online shop or a retail vendor, is at trade shows. Make sure to attend health and wellness fairs as a vendor, and register for trade shows and market your wares.

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