How To Market Office Stationary Business?

When you start an office stationery business you have to take into consideration one important thing. You will be dealing with both companies and individuals. In case you focus on handling business with big companies you ought to know that their vast majority are multi-national companies. When you want to tackle the big company sector with your office stationary business it is important to find the right partner. For small firms, breaking into overseas markets can seem to be almost impossible. You are at your office, you handle small cases and you think you can?t go any further. With some proper marketing techniques you can achieve a breakthrough. Overseas customers naturally favor face-to-face meetings with people who speak their language. They are likely to be biased in favor of local suppliers if they exist at all. Although the internet has helped to some degree to improve the contact between foreign companies, this still puts the onus on the customer to hunt around for suppliers. Finding a partner to distribute your office stationery products in a foreign country is obviously the way forward. Keep in mind that when appointing distributors always agree a minimum amount that they will sell of your products. You don?t necessarily have to hold them to it afterward, but it gives you the option to cancel the agreement if they do not perform. When dealing with office stationery products you can ask for some help from the government. Use government agencies. The government wants to help office stationery businesses to export. Once you have appointed distributors, be prepared to support them with sales brochures, advice, technical support and so forth.

Another important element that makes the difference between actually selling something and just waiting for lady luck to intervene is your attitude towards tailoring your products. Companies and individuals have different needs. Thus, it is advisable to do some research on both of them and figure out what they actually need. Simply handing them a bunch of offers will not do. It is an axiom of marketing that we need to identify the needs of specific groups of people. Segmenting the market correctly is the first stage in planning any marketing activities involving office stationery products. You have to offer the product that will meet the needs of the segment and will thus have a market. There are cases when you can even take things further and actually tailor the product to the exact needs of the individual. Everyone appreciates custom services. There are cases when tailoring products can be relatively simple. Keep in mind that although people might be ready to pay for a tailored product, they will not pay a lot more. Make sure the extra cost of tailoring is more than covered by the premium people will pay, or by the extra business that results. In such cases quick turnout is important. Customers might well be prepared to accept a less-tailored product rather than wait weeks for perfection.

When it comes to having an office stationery business it is very important to be an expert in this field. We are all very familiar with the axiom that the customer is always right. Before hand, we have to agree to the fact that the customer is not always right, but he or she is always the customer, thus they decide whether they like what we are offering or not. In the vast majority of cases, the customer?s preferences should be accepted and provided for. In other circumstances you have to be the expert. Customers are willing to pay for an expert and for correct expertise. If you manage to establish yourself as the expert you should enjoy a better control and command on your price and offer. You will enjoy respect and more loyalty from your customers. When dealing with your customer be firm but polite. Try not to allow anybody to leave your business premises before you have explained your offer and before they are personally happy with your offer. Always explain why you are doing what you are doing. By all means get the customer on board. Avoid becoming confrontational and establish yourself as the expert. Know your product, know your business and know your client.

When you introduce your products try a little trick. Introduce an alternative. People have many ways of judging value for money, but most of us will tend to judge by comparing with other similar products. Since price is also used as a surrogate for judging quality, people often simply go for the middle price. They tend to assume that the cheapest product is probably not very good in quality. The most expensive product is one too luxurious or not good value for money. This creates a problem for companies that handle office stationery businesses and have products that can be placed only in these two categories.

Besides marketing you need some proper advertising. Because you will be addressing the office stationery business you are free to pursue some novel advertising ideas. Coolertising is a name for making your firm known through ads placed on coolers. Another popular way of advertising is called Bookvertising. You can offer free rapping for your products that have embedded the logo and brand of your company. You can offer these packages to stores and business in your area in order to get your message across.

Before you start a business that involves office stationery products you must understand you will meet people that are very busy and are used to a lot of respect. Do not consider all of your clients as one person. Consumers are in fact all different. Be careful when you negotiate with important customers that usually have big orders. Remember that your staff may not have the same commitment to the business that you have. Do not fall into the trap of forgetting that consumers are also people. There is nothing wrong with reminding them.

For business to business firms, trade shows can be one of the most efficient ways of marketing your office stationery business. They attract a large audience already interested in the products or services you are selling. A good trade show plan should include preshow activities, the development of sound objectives to be met during the show, and a strong post-show program. In order to keep your costs low you can even ask for a discount. You would be surprised to realize that there are a lot of shows that offer discounts. They want vendors and your presence is valued. You can also reduce the size of your booth, but explore ways to increase the impact. Spend money to be where the action is in the convention center. Your location says a lot about your brand, so the placement of your booth matters. If the show groups similar vendors together and you don?t like where your classification is located, there are many creative alternatives you can explore. Ask a partner with a larger vendor or one that?s in a more desirable location. Provide preshow incentives or a reason to make the trip to your office stationery booth. Because you are already spending money to be in the show you have to make sure you explore all the way through which you can increase your impact.

While in the office stationery business you will notice that plenty of people have different questions regarding your products. You are going to meet all kinds of people with different problems and questions. A great idea would be to actually have some sort of benefit out of these problems. You can consider creating a course that can be sent to your customers via e-mail addresses. You can entice your clients to stay with you or even attract many more clients by simply offering good how-to information. You will have an edge in comparison with those that simply list their products and services. Along with a complete brochure on services and products you can send ways to get an in-depth feel of the product. It?s history, fun facts and a lot of useful information can be sent along with the product?s information. By investing in proper information you can start a pioneering way of marketing your office stationery business and bring this way of marketing near perfection.

The best way of offering valuable information is from learning from your own experience, from the experience of your clients and sending all of this valuable content through e-mail. Each lesson should address a common question your customers ask. You will see that a lot of those that find your content interesting will soon become your customers. The courses are a great way of introducing people to your business and gain their respect. People will tend to trust your business and they will become believers in your products and services. You should start by writing down the most common questions asked by clients. Each question can become a special topic for your e-mail course. Each lesson has to be short. You can structure it into a 1-2 pages report. In the report you are free to submit ads for your product. Make sure not to forget to write down your number and address for anyone who wishes to get into contact with you. Search the internet for an auto-responder system. After this final step is done you should start promoting your course. Put it in the signature file of all your emails.

This article has been meant to explore some of the techniques one can use in marketing an office stationery business. All of these methods consist and form a sort of virtual avenue that has to be traveled by every business man in order to achieve success and embark upon the path from hobby to career.

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