How To Market And Advertise Your Fitness Business?

Advertising and marketing your new fitness business is a very big, but very important task. Once you have found a location and settled on a name, you need to begin marketing right away. People need to know you are coming, and you want to advertise to attract business before you even open your doors. Clientele will make or break you, so it is important to get your name out there as soon as possible.

If you have a location already leased, one of the first things you need to do is post signs and banners in the business?s front windows. Let everyone know that a fitness center, fitness store or fitness studio is coming to their neighborhood. The next thing to do is advertise in local papers. Make sure you advertise your grand opening dates, and a great marketing ploy is to announce giveaways and door prizes on the first day you are open.

Great ideas for opening day promotions include giving the first one hundred customers or new members a free t-shirt or workout towel with your fitness shop?s or fitness center?s logo on it, a discount coupon or gift card to use on their next visit, or a bonus gift with purchase. You should also use marketing techniques like balloons to set off your business from others around you, free food and soft drinks, and upbeat music to get them in the doors.

If you are a fitness center owner, offer the first one hundred new members waived enrollment fees, or a free month. Always offer referral incentives as well. If you offer your new fitness center members an incentive to bring their friends in to join, they will hound their friends until they come in and hopefully join. Offer free gifts, or discounts on membership for every new member they bring in, the ones that actually sign up.

You can also go by the condo and apartment developments in the area and drop off free day or week passes for the leasing agents to include in new tenant welcome packages. This is an easy way to get members in your doors. If they are new to the area, they are probably looking for a new gym as well. If you run a fitness store, selling equipment, apparel and/or supplements, you can drop off coupons to be included in these new tenant packages.

Another great place to get referrals and to advertise your new business is at local doctors? offices. Doctors want their patients to be healthy and are often prescribing exercise to people who need to lose weight. Send the doctors in your area a bio on yourself and your business. Let them know you are knowledgeable about fitness and will help their patients get fit and be healthy.

If you have the opportunity, it is also a great idea to do some ?friend advertising.? Buddy up with nearby businesses and exchange marketing. For example, if your fitness center is in an area that has a coffee shop, exchange flyers and post theirs in your locker rooms. Pass out coupons to their business when new members join, and drop off flyers and free day or week passes at the coffee shop. This works well, too, if you have a fitness store. You can place flyers and coupons for neighborhood businesses, in return for them doing the same.

As a fitness store owner, you can also offer discounts to employees of neighborhood shops and businesses. Allow neighboring stores and businesses the courtesy of a five or ten percent discount on purchases, encouraging them to patronize your store when they are at work, and hopefully even when they are not. After hours, they may bring friends or loved ones, increasing your profit potential.

These same friendly cross marketing ideas can translate to your website, and theirs, as well. Put a small ad for their business at the bottom of your website and have them do the same for you. This can generate a large amount of traffic for you, especially if the other businesses are well established in the community.

If you are a fitness center owner, one great tool for marketing is giving away a free membership. That is correct, giving away a free membership?or four or five. There are a couple of ways and reasons to do this. The first way is a simple ?gimmick.? Have a drawing for a free membership. Potential clients will enter, giving you their precious contact information. One winner will be drawn at the end of the contest period, perhaps on your grand opening date, and in return, you have a large pool of potential clients to draw from. You can contact these potential clients by mail, phone or email and give them information about your new fitness center, including any incentives you may be offering at the start up.

The next reason for giving away a membership will also generate new leads and potential clients for you. If you have contacts in the area that are proven referral generators, for example, they have already lined up five friends or associates that are ready to join, give them a free membership. Reward your referral generators, because if you do, they will continue to refer clients to you. If they appreciate you, and appreciate what you have done for them, they will be loyal clients and be your best advertising source.

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