Various Items Involved In Fitness Apparel Business

There are a variety of items that fall under the heading ?fitness apparel.? The fitness apparel business covers everything you can think of wearing during a workout, and then some. If you are looking to begin a new business, you may want to concentrate on just a few items, like the basics. If you are not new to the business, and would like to add more fitness apparel to your current catalog, there are always new ideas out there.

The basic fitness apparel items are the most obvious: tops, bottoms, socks and shoes. However, there are a wide range of these items. In the bottoms? category, you can sell women?s sports bras and stretchy tank tops (there are many different kinds of each of these?there are traditional tanks and sports bras, racer back tanks, one shoulder tanks, and even strapless tops!). You can sell t-shirts for both men and women. There are, of course, tank tops for men, too. Shorts, skorts, leggings, tights, Capri pants, Yoga pants, sweat suits (to include sweatshirts and pants) come in varying lengths and styles. For women, there are short shorts (sometimes called boy shorts), soccer shorts, Bermuda shorts and bicycle shorts. For men, there are basketball shorts, board shorts, and athletic shorts. Skorts are skirt and short combinations that women mainly wear to play tennis or golf in, but will occasionally wear for other fitness activities.

In addition, streamlined undergarments are now being manufactured for both men and women. These sleek shorts are designed to be worn under running shorts, to keep runners dry and comfortable, and to increase their speed.

Another way to diversify your merchandise is through material. There are many different fabrics that fitness apparel comes in. Most leggings, Yoga pants and bicycle shorts come in a spandex blend, or a 100% spandex offering. It is definitely best to stock this material or blend first, as most fitness enthusiast prefer material they can move in. Another big seller is apparel that wicks away the sweat and dries almost instantly, keeping the wearer dry and cool during a sweaty, hot workout.

Cotton t-shirts will always be popular, so you will need to keep those always on hand, but make sure to stock the newer trends as well. These may come and go, but as long as you sell what is hot now, you will make money.

Other fitness apparel items that you should keep in stock are basics like socks, gloves, shoes, and jock straps. Obviously you are not starting your own shoe line, so you need to find out what brands are hottest and what brands you can stock. Different types of shoes for different sports will help you to expand your line. There are cleats, cycling shoes, running shoes, cross trainers, walking shoes; the list goes on and on. The same can be said for socks. One might think a sock is a sock, but that is not so. There are socks for running, socks for those with diabetes, socks without toe seams for comfort, short socks, tall socks and even in-between socks. There are white socks and brightly colored socks, and even socks with team logos on them. Socks are a low price point, and something that can often be added on to any order.

Accessories like jock straps and lifting gloves are also considered fitness apparel. Gloves for boxing might be included too, as are hand wraps. You should also stock the little things, like shoelaces, sunglasses, hair ties and handkerchiefs (which men and women often wear on their heads to keep sweat from their eyes). If shoppers are already purchasing from you, they may just go ahead and buy the extras from you too. Why go anywhere else? Watches are a great accessory for a fitness business, too. Watches that chart a runner?s progress, watches that have a stop watch feature, watches that are waterproof or dive proof are all extremely popular in the fitness arena. Even towels can be considered fitness apparel accessories, as golf towels and gym towels are usually a necessity.

Swimwear is part of the fitness apparel business, too. Women?s one piece suits, bikinis, tankinis, board shorts, flip flops, robes for covering up or sarongs for wrapping around the waist are all included in this category and are usually expensive, so they are a real money maker. Men?s swimwear includes board shorts and bathing suits. Again, you may want to stock beach towels to increase your sales.

Other fitness apparel that you stock could be variations on the above theme, but with team logos on them. Everyone likes to show their support for their favorite team, so selling t-shirts and shorts with school or team colors and mascots is a great idea. The fitness apparel field is wide open and growing every day. Sellers need to make sure they are keeping up with the market. It is important to shop your competitors in order to know what they are selling, and to keep abreast of the newest trends in apparel. If you are a gym member, most likely you will notice what is hot and what is not if you just look around as you workout. Keeping up with the trends will keep you ahead of the game, and your competitors. There are so many items out there that fall into the fitness apparel category, so you will always find something new to add to your catalog. These new additions are the key to bringing in new customers in, and keeping your current ones coming back. Good luck!

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