Difference Between CDMA and GSM Mobile Phone Technologies

Do you know who cell phone carriers are? Like in India two major and most popular cell phone carriers are Airtel and Vodaphone. These companies are called mobile phone carriers as they provide services to billions of mobile phone users in India. In what way these companies provide services to cell phone users? You own a mobile phone right? When you buy a new mobile phone you can?t simply start talking to your friends and relatives right away. You need to buy a new or use an existing SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module) for your mobile phone to work. Where to get this SIM? This SIM card is a small chip which is inserted into a slot (usually under the battery) specifically made for it in your cell phone. Just like you need battery to charge your phone, you need SIM to start communicating with other mobile phone users. Each SIM is accompanied with a phone number which people uses to call you. So when you buy a new SIM you get your new number along with it.

Now the question is where to get or who provides the SIM? Cell phone carriers like Airtel and Vodaphone provide SIM. These cell phone carriers have their dealers or so called distributors who sell SIMs on their behalf. So if you need a SIM visit any of the dealers near your home and buy it. So what helped to communicate? The SIM helped to communicate. Who is the provider of SIM? They are the mobile phone carriers. So this is the way cell phone carriers like Airtel and Vodaphone provide services to billions of mobile phone users in India. They provide SIM card to each cell phone user which help them to communicate with each other using their unique phone numbers.

Now let?s talk about GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) And CDMA ( Code division multiple access). Without going into depth it is enough for us to know that GSM and CDMA are technologies used by cell phone carriers. Like in India Companies like Airtel and Vodaphone use GSM technology while Reliance is the only Telecommunication Company which uses CDMA technology while they provide their cell phone services. Now what is the difference between these 2 types of services?

If you are using a SIM card, you are using GSM technology in your mobile phone. While CDMA phones are activated remotely, by the carrier, using the phone's serial number, known as the ESN. Since each carrier has a database of all the ESNs that are approved for its network, this lets most CDMA carriers refuse to activate phones not originally intended for their network.

If you want to use CDMA technology in your phone, buy mobile phones which are specifically made to use CDMA technology. CDMA cell phones don?t have any option to insert SIM as they are not based on GSM technology. However there are some mobile phones like Karbonn A9 which uses both CDMA and GSM. You can insert a SIM and also can get ESN activated to use CDMA technology. If you want to buy a CDMA phone its better to buy it from your service provider or carrier. Like Reliance Company in India also offer CDMA handsets which are highly compatible with their CDMA technology. Just go to http://www.rcom.co.in/rcom/handset/cdma.jsp and know about the various models available.

You must be wondering which technology is better for you? In GSM you have the flexibility to shift your SIM card to different phone in case you want to change your handset for some reason. Same SIM can be used in different phones and that helps instant activation of the phone without going into the hassle of contacting service provider. While in CDMA phones you need to re register your new CDMA phone with the service provider. How to register? For registration you just need to call them and provide them with the MEID or ESN number of the Handset & the MSL SPC code. Some documents for identity will also be needed. Now it is possible to get your imported NON SIM CDMA Handsets like Iphone 4, 4s, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Plam, Kyocera to register with Reliance network India.

In India CDMA is not popular at all. CDMA is most popular in United States. GSM is global, CDMA is mainly just American. Five of the top seven carriers in the U.S. use CDMA: Verizon Wireless, Sprint, MetroPCS, Cricket, and U.S. Cellular. While AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM. The two biggest differences between these standards are international compatibility, and how the networks handle activating phones. CDMA cannot offer international roaming. Outside the U.S. and Canada, most GSM phones will still work, while almost all CDMA phones simply can't be used overseas. The only ones that can are those that also have a GSM radio. These are sold for people regularly traveling overseas on business, and are priced accordingly.

You can visit http://www.satphonezone.com/cdmatechnology.html if you want to know the advantages of CDMA over GSM.

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