Various Ways To Sell Fitness Equipment

If you are in the fitness business, selling fitness equipment, you know that there are a variety of ways to sell these machines. There are both traditional and non-traditional avenues. Sometimes, being creative is the way to go, because you need to beat your competition in a niche market like fitness equipment sales.

Traditional ways to increase your fitness equipment business include the old door to door sales pitches. Not exactly door to door, though. You are not actually going door to door, but from fitness center to fitness center. Gym managers are often on the lookout for the newest in fitness equipment, so timing is important. If you have the newest technology or a great deal on something that is not new, but that the gym owner does not already have, you may be able to make a sale this way. It is the toughest way though, as most gyms and fitness centers lease their equipment. So, if your equipment is the same as the companies they lease from, odds are you will not be able to sell to them this way.

If you hear of a new gym or fitness center opening, that can be a great opportunity to make fitness equipment sales. Make sure to get in contact with these new, prospective gym owners, and you have a good chance of making a sale. Offer the new owners great deals or introductory prices, as long-term contracts will continue to make you money for years. Another great place to look is at new condo or apartment development. Most of the time, these complexes will include an on-site gym for their residents, and it is becoming more and more popular to offer residents the top of the line equipment, and larger and larger on-site gyms. These are great opportunities to get your name out there if you are new. The contracts may be less lucrative than at larger commercial gyms, but word of mouth from these condos and apartment complexes will assure you more business in this industry.

Other smaller contracts, such as at Yoga or Pilates studios, or Personal Training gyms (which are often smaller and more inclusive) are important opportunities to pursue. These smaller studios often expand and add new equipment, and if you have their business, you will have their future business as well.

In addition, trade shows are a good way to get your name out there, too. If you find that a health and fitness show is going to be put on in a larger city, you should try and register as a vendor. Sometimes, health and fitness shows are put on by fitness certification boards. These shows are designed to attract fitness minded individuals who want to pursue a career in the fitness industry?and if they are going to pursue a career in this industry, one day soon they may need your equipment. Get your name out there, make contacts now.

It is also very important that you have a website. Everyone has a website nowadays, and if you are going to sell anything, you must be able to be found on the internet. If clients cannot find you while doing an internet search, they are not going to purchase from you. The internet makes customer service faster and more immediate. If clients can browse your fitness equipment business from the comfort of their own homes, under no pressure, they are more apt to place an order.

If you want to be more creative and get a jump on your competition, it is now cheap to advertise on social networking sites. These ads are targeted to key word searches, and when a member of the social networking site mentions anything related to fitness centers or fitness equipment, they will see a targeted side bar ad for your fitness equipment business. When they click to your page, they will find all of your information. You can design your page to contain contact information and information about your business and what fitness equipment you have for sale. You can advertise your current promotions or any deals you may have for new customers. This page should also include a direct link to your web page so that new friends and clients can go directly to your fitness equipment inventory to make purchases or set up appointments. This type of targeted advertising can really help you make new contacts. Even if the potential client does not purchase, or does not purchase right away, they may provide you with the names of others who are interested, or pass your name on to others.

With your website, you can also offer benefits to other sites who are affiliated with you. By offering these benefits or profit-shares, you will be able to advertise on related sites. For example, if you are friends with personal trainers who have their own sites, ask these trainers to advertise for you on their site. By putting a sidebar ad on their site, every time one of their clients or potential clients browses their page, they will also see your advertisement. If they click through, and purchase from you, the personal trainer would get a percentage of the sale, or a dollar amount predetermined by you and the trainer. If you supply equipment to fitness centers, you can also work with them to do the same thing. Your ad would be featured somewhere on their web page. This is a beneficial working relationship for both of you. They make a little extra cash, and you get new clients.

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