The Authentic Cleaning Procedure for Oriental Rugs

There are diverse types of Oriental rug cleaning methods. It is imperative that prior to choosing any one method you make sure that you know what to do and what kinds of products and tools to use. Through it all you have to ensure that the rug's beauty and value is maintained. Let us discuss the most recommended way to clean such a rug. The authentic cleaning procedure for oriental rugs requires the following steps outlined hereunder. Primarily you have to vacuum the carpet on a regular basis so as to remove as much dust particles from it as possible. However you should not use just any vacuum cleaners head, as you might brush too hard into the carpet's delicate fibers. If possible always move the vacuum cleaners head in the same direction. It is best to use the suction attachment so as to avoid any damages related to scraping.

For more thorough cleaning you will have to go a step further than merely vacuuming your rug. The best method is to carry the rug outdoors and place it in a clean flat area. Then, start applying water onto the rug. Never use hot water as it could cause damage. Simply wet it off a bit, but there is no need to soak it.

Afterwards, start to apply some carpet shampoo which is suitable for its material. Prior to applying plenty of shampoo all over the rug, just squirt some onto a small area which will not be noticeable, so as to check whether everything is fine. A mild cleaner free from chemicals, ammonia, acids or alkaline substances is always the best. You definitely do not want to damage your oriental rug by causing any fading or discoloration.

If you are sure that the shampoo did not cause any damage whatsoever to your carpet, you can start to apply it all over it. Use a brush with soft bristles to rub it in a bit, so as to make any dirt come off from its fibers. Always bear in mind to move in the same direction and along the grain of the rug's fibers.

Some oriental rugs have fringes along their borders. In such a case you need to clean them as well. These parts tend to retain more dust and dirt. So it is best to brush them as well, but make sure not to do as rigorously as you do not want to damage them in any way. Then, rinse the rug with clear water so as to remove the soapy residue. Apply the same procedure onto the other side of the rug. Afterwards, using a clean floor squeegee, brush the carpet so as to reduce the amount of water from it and help it to dry more quickly and smoothly. Then, just leave it outdoors until it is completely dry.

At this point you can carry it back indoors. It is best to vacuum it so as to smoothen it further. By following these steps you will be able to clean your oriental rug on your own, without having to pay for a professional oriental rug cleaning service. The key is to make sure you use the proper tools and products.

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