How to Remove Wine Spilt From A New Rug

A new rug is definitely a focal point in any room. It often happens that whole decor of the particular room complements the colors and style of the rug, especially if a substantial amount of money has been spent to purchase it. However, unfortunately accidents tend to happen, especially if we do not try to take some preventative measures to avoid them from happening. Spills and stains are a common occurrence wherever food and drinks are involved. One of the most problematic stains is wine. Let us discuss some tips how to remove wine spilt from a new rug.

First of all it is important to bear in mind that nothing is impossible if the right approach is followed. Wine is definitely a tough stain, but this does not mean that it is impossible to get rid of it.

The common factor is quick action, that is you have to act immediately as soon as you notice that wine has been spilt on the rug. While some other wines do not leave their imprints that much, red wine definitely does.

First of all a white towel needs to be placed onto the surface area where it has been spilt. This will help to absorb some of it. Keep shifting the towel using different parts of the towel till the wine no longer stains the towel. The spill then could be diluted with a bit of water, just enough to wet it but not soak it.

Repeat the process of absorption by using another white towel. You will watch the stain getting diluted with this process. Soak the site with a bit of carpet cleaning shampoo or a neutral detergent, neither acidic nor alkaline in composition. Then, rinse it with a little water.

Once again use a white towel to do the drying process by dabbing it for some time. Finally, use a hair dryer to completely dry it. Some red wine stain removers are club soda, salt, and specialized carpet cleaner which are made for this kind of stain.

It is important that any cleaner you use does not contain any bleach or phosphates. It is recommended that even if the particular cleaning product is recommended to remove such stains, you should still try it out on a small and unnoticeable part of the rug, so as to make sure that it does not damage it in any way. Having said that it is important that you are aware of the materials that your rug is made from, and that you keep a suitable cleaning product at home in case of any such accident.

Before attempting to treat the rug with any solution it is advisable to test it by using it on a portion of the carpet that is hidden from view. As sometimes the chemical may not take friendly to the carpet or vice versa. When a new rug is brought home it is important that all the paraphernalia to clean it also comes along and most rug dealers provide the knowhow required on how to maintain rugs. They also have cleaning service contracts but when an accident occurs it is best that the home owner knows how to act so as to avoid leaving the stain for too long on the rug.

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