How to Remove Pet Stain From A Carpet

Every pet owner knows that even the best trained animals are prone to little accidents at times and this can be particularly tiresome in a home that is carpeted. Here are some tips on how to remove pet stain from a carpet:

1. Cat Vomit is usually viscous and easy to pick up but may still leave a mark on carpets. The best way of removing this mark is to spread salt over the area. Cover this with one or two clean damp cloths; leave for an hour or two, or longer for resistant stains. Use a vacuum cleaner to dispense with any remainder.

2. Pet Urine from any animal will not only leave stains but also bad odors and these patches are best cleaned with baking soda. First soak up the excess liquid; disposable diapers and other absorbent pads are ideal for this task, preferably held in place with a reasonable weight. Cover the damp area with baking soda and leave it a while to absorb the remaining moisture and then vacuum away the remnants: Any remaining odor can be destroyed with rubbing alcohol. It is not advisable to use cleaning fluids that contain ammonia as these will leave a scent which attracts animals to urinate there.

3. Dried-in Stains are best removed with a wet vac or similar, which will rinse the rug with clean water while sucking out the dirt. In the absence of one of these machines, it is best to soak the area again, preferably with a carpet cleaner or detergent. After this follow the steps for cleaning up a fresh, wet pet stain. Steam cleaners should be avoided as the heat tends to seal the stain and odors rather than help to remove them.

4. Vinegar diluted in water is quite efficient at stain removal. The only downside is that vinegar may fade colors, so this is a better solution for light colored carpets.

Another remedy for these marks is bathroom cleaner, providing it does not contain bleach. These products have efficient cleaning properties and generally have a pleasant aroma.

Sometimes small pet messes can occur and dry before they are noticed, which will result in unpleasant odors. It is possible to check floors for these patches by using an ultraviolet or 'black' light, in a dark room. This will show up even tiny spots which can be marked with a chalk outline before regular lights are turned on and cleaning begins.

After removing stains, sprinkling a little peppermint oil in the area will deter pets from repeating the process; they really do not like the aroma. This can also be used as a deterrent, particularly with puppies during house training: A pump spray filled with diluted peppermint oil can be used to spray over any areas where the animal shouldn't leave its mess. This will help to guide the pet to its appointed business area.

These are just a few ideas of how to remove pet stain from a carpet. There are also a number of specialist products on the market for this particular cleanup job.

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