Different Methods to Clean Your Upholsteries

Upholstery Treatment and Cleaning are crucial to retain your home decor in good condition. It is a common problem that stains might ruin your upholstered furniture, and if the item is used on a regular basis it tends to become dirty and therefore needs to be cleaned regularly. Let us discuss some tips and different methods to clean your upholstery.

To clean the upholstery, you have to be aware of the material in question. Additionally, you may consider installing a cover on the upholstered area so as to protect it as much as possible, especially from dust accumulation and stains. Usually covers have a good endurance and they can be made to measure.

There are mainly two types of upholstery covers. There are the covers that can be removed from the frame of the upholstered furniture, and then there are those covers which are fixed together with the frame. If the cover is easily removable, you may often just wash it in the washing machine, hang it to dry and iron it. If on the other hand it cannot be removed, you should use a vacuum cleaner so as to remove dust and other residues. The sides of cushions or seats and underneath them should also be cleaned.

The basic cleaning method that you have to carry out on a regular basis, is vacuuming with a handheld vacuum cleaner to avoid dust from accumulating. Steam cleaners are also good tools to clean the upholstered areas more thoroughly from time to time.

If your upholstery is made from cotton, it is fairly easy to wash it, and then it can be ironed easily. Polyester Materials, silk and synthetics may require more care when washed. Some may consider dry cleaning methods so as to manage to clean them more thoroughly. If a sofa or other furniture item is made from leather you should take special care to clean it. There are two types of leather, genuine leather and synthetic leather. Make sure to clean with a specialized product, usually a lotion. As for synthetic leather, you can simply wipe with a damp cloth.

In the case of spills make sure to use a white cloth to absorb the spill immediately. Dab the area as soon as you notice the spill. There are also various specialized products which are made for specific materials.

You should also avoid placing upholstered items near a source of light, especially direct sunlight as fading and discoloration may be caused in time. Eating and drinking in their vicinity should also be avoided.

Prior to applying any cleaning product, make sure to test it on an unnoticeable area so as to check whether it could damage the upholstery. These are usually in the form of liquid sprays which result in foam when sprayed. Rub the upholstery for some time to let it work, and then leave it to dry. In most cases a mild detergent mixed in some warm water is enough to wash your upholstered items well and maintain them in good condition.

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