Virtual Office Etiquette

Even though virtual offices are not involved with face to face communications, there still is what we call "manners" in the industry. It is common for workers to scratch themselves or pick their noses while doing their tasks, but there is a basic guideline for virtual office etiquette. These guidelines are general rules that any business would follow, especially if they have common sense.

For one, returning phone calls or emails. It is considered to be rude if a customer leaves a voicemail on your machine and you do not return their call. Even if the customer is bothersome, always respond back. It is professional and will always get you repeat business. It also presents a sense of responsibility and professionalism within your virtual office business. Another thing, by all means do not be eating potato chips or have any screaming kinds in the background while returning a phone call. Now, about responding to emails. It is simply unacceptable to have an auto-responder return an email saying you will get back to them whenever you can. Everyone knows emails can be checked any time of day so there is no reason to let a program send off a canned response. It appears that you did not have the time or didn't want to make the effort of responding back with an original answer until it is convenient only for you. Customers do not want to feel like they are in line for attention. It is more polite to get back to them in a timely manner with an appropriate response.

Do not try to change what the client wants. When a client is going to hire a virtual office for a task, do not want to be told how to do their project better. For example, if a client wants a logo design drawn out on paper already and explains that they want it to be exactly like the sample, do not tell the client that the letters will look better if they are bigger or the colors they chose do not match. Things like that are annoying and unprofessional. It sounds like the virtual office worker e trying to up sell services. Also, it will make a client feel like an idiot. One or the other, it is rude and this type of behavior is actually common in the industry and it needs to stop. Simply do the task that is required and if the employer does not like the outcome of his own design, he will ask you for advice to which then you would offer your opinions.

Here's another bit of inconsiderate behavior that is common. When an employer hires a virtual office to complete a task, a lot of times they do not complete the whole task. What happens is, a lot of virtual offices will get sick and tired of a demanding or needy employer and simply stop in the middle of the project without even giving a warning. This happens also when the virtual office sees a better opportunity, they simply dump the current task for a better one. This is one of the worst things you can do to an employer. Not only has the virtual office worker wasted their time, there are deadlines that have to be met in the business world. When a business is relying on the virtual office to meet these deadlines and they fail, it can have a domino affect. The virtual office failed, then the employer, then possibly even the employers clients, and so on.

This is just some of the top basic manners to implement in the virtual office. There are so many more to mention and however it would turn into a book the size of a dictionary by time it was completed.

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