Pros & Cons For Virtual Office Workers

The advantages of working in a virtual office setting far out weigh the disadvantages, which will be outlined here.

First and foremost would be the environment. There is no driving back and forth from work. Gas pollutes the air no matter how you look at it, therefore one virtual worker would be helping by not using fossil fuels to commute to a job. Not only that, a virtual worker would be saving a considerable amount on gas money and other incidentals that are caused from wear and tear from driving in day to day traffic.

The flexibility. Most of the projects involved in the virtual office do have deadlines, but those tasks usually do not have to be done during a 9 to 5 shift. They can be done anytime of day or night as long as the work at hand is complete before its projected due date. This kind of flexibility allows for a virtual worker the opportunity to do other tasks and chores that can only be conducted during normal business hours, such as banking, or going to the library, etc.

How about the lack of stress. Since shifts usually aren't scheduled, a virtual office worker doesn't have the stress of rushing to work and punching into a time clock on time. Time just isn't an issue. The atmosphere is relaxed and the surroundings are not sterile. There are no overhead halogen lights that cause migraines. The temperature of the office can be controlled and virtual workers can take bathroom and lunch breaks whenever they want. They can also just "call it a day" when they see fit. The stress is almost non-existent!

There are no dress codes to comply with. Virtual office workers do not have to go to work in uniforms or ironed clothing. They can wake up and roll out of bed and hit the job while wearing pajamas. They do not have to brush their teeth or put on make-up. They don't even have to take shower. A virtual worker doesn't have to retrofit their wardrobe closet for their job, they simply wear everyday clothing or whatever they are comfortable in. That is a huge savings in clothing.

There are no co-workers to contend with. In work environments that staff several employees, there can be clerical errors, clashing personalities, scheduling conflicts, and many other issues with the staffers. This is not the case in the virtual office atmosphere. If you do work with a team, everything is conducted through a team or project manager. Personality conflicts are "virtually" non-existent because you do not deal with them directly.

There are very few cons to being a virtual office worker and basically these cons are contingent on personality type and communication abilities. Working in a virtual office requires no face to face communication and that can be a problem for some people. Sometimes minor confusion in translation can occur because context comes in the form of text. This can lead to a domino effect for the project and the virtual office workers. This is not the case when having direct physical contact in a physical working atmosphere. Instructions are clear because of the visual expression presented by the manager. Also if there are problems with communication, they can be resolved with immediate face to face contact.

A sense of being. A lot of people like to feel like they belong. There is a nice feeling to being needed and verbally awarded with a job well done. People can easily obtain that in the physical workforce. Being a physical worker, with face to face communication, there is more of an emotional attachment to the job and workers have a true sense of obligation to the job at hand. As a virtual office worker, it is cut and dry, with the work being done and then moving on to the next project.

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